Wounded Knee

to make a long story out of this, but my fucked up knee turns out to not
require surgery, luckily. Although the MRI report said I had a torn medial
collateral ligament, the orthopedic surgeon that I visited later that
day said that it could be corrected with a brace so he prescribed this
monster thing that I am to wear for 4-6 weeks – see pic – and crutches
for at least a week.

for a week? No way! I asked the good Doc if I could race this Sunday (the
last Hot Rum Series in which Anarchy has a three point class lead). He
slowly shook his head, "no." I said that I would just be steering,
and that I would be careful and that I was probably going to do it anyway.
He looked at me and said with a bit of a smile, "I can see with you
I’m going to have to compromise, but on my terms, not yours. I’ll give
you 0-30 degrees of motion on the brace and no crutches (as opposed to
the brace locked in at 30 degrees plus crutches), but be careful!"
Woo hoo – see you on the water Sunday!