Long Weekend Roundup…

Thanks on Thanksgiving
That was the day ACM announced that a 2009 America’s Cup was off and that,
if Judge Cahn found against SNG a DoG match, with BMWO (perhaps in multis)
would be on.
Jochen Schuman, of UITG, said "We are extremely disappointed."
Sir Keith Mills, of TeamOrigin was more scathing "Disputes like this
should not be resolved in a Court of Law. For one team to seek to impose
its will on a sporting event by using a lawsuit is reprehensible. For
another team to slow the process down is equally damning."

TNZ denied rumours it would fold and, next day, Shosholoza’s Captain Sarno
was upbeat "We will stick to our plans. We want to be ready and on
track. I think there will still be one or two America’s Cup class regattas
in 2008 and we want to be prepared. Not only that, we want to be the best
team there."