Trials and Tribulations

This is nothing less than the regatta to determine who goes to the Olympics and these are the conditions that the R/C sends them off
in? Ridiculous.

Another fluky, funky day in the waters off of California Yacht Club. On
a day where several other Olympic classes (most of whom are also having
their trials right now in southern California) were unable to get off
any racing, the CYC group managed to get one going in trying conditions.
It was glassy until noon when a 6-7 kt breeze filled in that oscillated
between 190 and 310 degrees (the latter being a very odd breeze direction
for the area). 3 races were started and abandoned between noon and 2:30
p.m. (two of which were called off as boats were halfway up the first
beat) thanks to the Santa Ana fighting the seabreeze. At 2:45 p.m., the
RC started the official race, with a windward leg of just 0.8 miles at
255 degrees.