Phil’s Foils & Composites are pleased to announce that we are
expanding our operation to include many non-foil based applications of
high tech composites manufacture. To allow this to happen, we have incorporated
under a new name, Competition
Composites Inc
. but will maintain the Phil’s Foils brand for
all our marine applications. We have a great customer and fan base out
there in SA land and this has been founded on good products for the right
market. A great case in point right now is the Flying Tiger 10 tillers
that we have been making for the last year or so. (We’ve got one and
love it – Ed
.) We have now shipped some 15 tillers the way they should
be on this boat : light, stiff, cool looking carbon over foam tillers
(see picture below). If you would like one of the now defacto standard
tillers for your FT10, or anything else cool for your boat in carbon,
then please get in touch with me, Dave