Almost There….!"

they sure were. After 3,300 miles of travel at sea the crew on the sailboat
Victoria could easily see the lights of the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor,
their final destination last night.

turned around Diamond Head and you could see the Ala Wai," shipmate
Ron Fulwider, 58, said. "A mile, maybe two away and then …"

then, so close to home, the Victoria sailed too close to shore and run
aground on a reef at one of Waikiki’s most popular surf spots, Tonggs.
The ship teetering on its side and stuck on a reef, Fulwider called
his wife, who arrived on O’ahu a day earlier so she could be here to
greet the trio of elderly sailors who were finally finishing a long
trek from San Pedro, Calif. Ouch.
Thanks to the Honolulu Advertiser for the pic and story.