Your Gain

US dollar fell this week to levels not seen in recent memory against
the EURO, Canadian and Australian dollars along with most other currencies.
This makes non US goods expensive here in the states but also makes
US manufactured products an amazing value overseas. DryUV has seen demand
for their DRYSHIRT, ProwiK and other proprietary products jump dramatically
in the last several months from consumers all over the world. The company
is now looking for distributors and dealers worldwide now to help supply
this rapidly increasing demand for their gear.

and marketing for DryUV also got a huge boost earlier this year when
the production team on Disney’s movie Morning Light selected the
DRYSHIRT and ProwiK as their gear of choice for the crew of the TransPac
52 of the same name. Disney was not alone though. CBS Television’s
“SURVIVOR” also selected the gear for UV protection on their
shoot in Fiji. If you or your company are interested in becoming a dealer
for one of the fastest growing technical apparel brands on the market
today, please drop us a note or stop by our site: DryUV or stop by our dealers
. You may also call 562 773 0552 to inquire by phone or e-mail
[email protected]