Bad Start

Andraž Mihelin and Kristian Hajnšek of team Adria Mobil
were among the 89 skippers who started on the Transat
, today at 12.30 p.m.

six and a half meter boats of Classe Mini started the solo race (first
leg towards Madeira) in 20 knots of wind. Kristian Hajnšek was
18th on the buoy (first was Adrien Hardy on Brossard). A few places
behind Hajnšek Mihelin turned the bouy in the comotion of the start
only to collide with one of the press boats which was too close to the
restricted area and the collision could not be avoided. Andraž
immediately dropped his sails to check the damage. Team Adria Mobil
was a mere few meters away when this happened, so sailing coach Vid
Jeranko immediately conatacted Andraž on VHF. He found out that
Andraž’s bow has a crack and that the dagger boat is damaged. But
he assured us he had enough material to fix everything that is damaged.
He sounded fairly optimistic. The one good thing from this is that the
bowsprit isn’t damaged. Had it been that would mean quite a big repair
job or even a possible abandonement from the race. Thankfully this is
not the case, though it is impossible to tell wheter or not this will
siginficantly effect his performance. Technically and psychologycaly
speaking. It is quite unimaginable how it feels being put in a position
of endangering a 4200 miles long race on the first day.

for Madeira is six days according to the latest weather gribs.