Coutts, Again

Does it get old, this constant winning? Good thing he’s a decent
bloke or we’d find something to bitch about! Our man Lyn
files this first report and photos on the TP 52’s doing their
thing for the Hyères
. Lyn wrote a nice little
to this event, which includes a brief look at the Glory program,
but like idiots, we are late to run it. Enjoy.

was a welcome relief that racing finally started in the Hyeres bay after
canceled sailing in Portimao, and postponements earlier today.
The announced mistral blew briefly in the morning, died out, and left
the fleet bobbing about until 1:30 pm before being sent to wait onshore
for wind. The fleet had only been onshore an hour and a half before the
postponement flag came down and the starting sequence had gone off at
3:40 in 10-13 knots of wind.