& Who?

Español, having got €60 in starter sponsorship guaranteed
by Iberdrola is hiring. The staff will rise from the 28 kept on from
AC32, to 60 before the week is out, but the most significant signing
is that of Farr Yacht Design. Interestingly, technical supremo, Agustín
Zulueta confirmed that John Cutler would remain in charge of the technical
division and another main designer will be taken on, in addition to
Farr, to work full time at the Valencia base.

also came out in support of the new boat, saying it was a very significant
thing, as it would make the large teams more vulnerable to defeat, since
starting from scratch would give smaller teams a better chance of having
a competitive boat. He refused to be drawn on the CNEV controversy,
saying that he didn’t want to comment on what was outside the daily
management routine, which was focussed on developing a great team.