Local Knowledge

Slip Kids

From a slightly bitter anarchist Charlie:

Just thought you guys should mention something about how the young pros
on the Fox
44 Ocelot
destroyed the Kokopelli 2 in the 66th annual Windjammer from SF to Santa Cruz. The 44′ was hitting #s in the high
twenties as it sailed past the boat that got so much hype in the Transpac
for how fast it was. Made it look like it was standing still, Not only
did the kids beat this precious boat and crew but swept the whole regatta,
Finishing 1st to finish, 1st in class, and 1st overall. Not bad for a
bunch of degenerates. Hope you mention something about them because they
deserve every bit of glory, these "kids" are by far some of
the best sailors in Nor-cal and they just proved it to everyone who has
tried to take it away from them in the past. They earned their press.

Note: we’ll be doing a feature on the boat and its "kids"