of The Week

Circle Jerk?
most all of you big boat sailors, there is generally some form of pre-race
huddle that takes place on the way out to the start line. Your Ed has
led his share of them and they usually go something like this: "Don’t
fuck up."

We’ve also seen them go on way too long, lose focus or just make you realize
that you are sailing with a bunch of idiots and it is likely to be a very
long day. This picture inspired us to ask: Of the boats that you’ve been
on, does the skipper or the tactician handle it? We’re curious to hear
what gets communicated and what doesn’t; who does the best job rallying
the troops, setting the tone, and actually giving those meetings any value.
Or do they all suck? Special thanks to photographer Christophe
for this on board shot from the R/P 55 Yendys
from their win
at Audi Hamilton Race Week. Comments.

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