ACM Says

Michel Hodara, Chief Operating Officer of America’s Cup Management, has
talked to BYM News about:

The company’s vision for the next edition of the competition:
"Above all, we want to always have it at venues where everyone, whatever
their position in life, can have an experience they will enjoy, so the
venue is very important. It must be accessible and enable the public to
take in the atmosphere and share in the excitement."

The Golden Gate Yacht Club suit:
"Golden Gate omitted a very important date from the Media Backgrounder
that was issued a few days ago and has created a wrong impression of what
happened on August 22nd."

The protocol:
"There are some who only want to see what they think is the bad side;
the hidden agenda that really does not exist."

The abolition of the Challengers Commission:
"Anyone who is honest will tell you that, last time, there were a
lot of problems within the Challengers Commission; they often didn’t find
it easy to agree among themselves." More here.