Alpha Dog

Last week’s World of Wetass took a look at the Alpha
Global Expedition
, which is an attempt to "circumnavigate solo,
westabout, wait for it…by sailing over the top of Europe via the
Arctic." We questioned the use of their engine, and here Adrian Flanagan
from AGE explians.

I have made it clear all along that use of the engine during the Arctic
phase of the AGX is a necessity. That is why, when I departed the UK I
was carrying 1,500 ltrs of fuel (I didn’t need all that for heating or
for use of the engine as a generator to charge the batteries) – I have
solar and wind power for that. On occasion, when there was no wind and
little sun I did use the engine (gear disengaged) to charge batteries.
Such events were rare and recorded in the log.

original intention was to travel a circumnavigation nonstop (hence taking
the fuel at the outset – although I thought that this would be unlikely
to happen given the probability of damage requiring repair (as happened
round Cape Horn and hence the stop in Honolulu) and that the Russians
were likely to insist I stopped to clear customs.