A Mile High View of the Santa Barbara to
King Harbor Race

Members of the Mile High Klub – Flying Tiger 10M #33

so much as we had missed most of the Spring and Summer sailing in our
new Flying Tiger – Mile High Klub – we decided a few weeks ago to enter
the Santa Barbara to King Harbor Race. We had first sailed and tested
FT10M #33 at Long Beach Race Week and knew it wouldn’t be hard to get
dialed in up wind in these nice machines, but we realized our downwind
angles needed work. What a better way than about 20 miles of closer reaching
and 60 miles of reaching/running to set up those empirical polars that
we all need to embed in our collective data cells when tuning in a new
boat. So we threw our hat in the ring – a little late for making a big
fuss on Anarchy to get some stable mates out there.