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Dimension-Polyant is pleased to continue its ongoing association with Sailing Anarchy, the
premier sailing website for sailors who know what they want and where
to get it. Since our initial sign-on last year, Dimension-Polyant has
been able to increase the scope and ability to handle direct inquiries
concerning differing styles of woven polyester, nylons and laminates,
their applications to the end user while helping decipher the myriad of
options available to the common sailor.

the worlds largest producer of woven and laminated sailcloth, with production
sites on three continents, Dimension-Polyant continues to lead the way,
providing durable, high performing fabric for all applications. Dimension-Polyant
is the only sailcloth supplier that owns and operates it’s own looms
and lamination machinery. This investment in sailcloth technology keeps Dimension-Polyant on the leading edge of sailcloth development and production. From One
Design HTP hard racing finish and Cruising woven polyesters though Cruising
and Grand Prix laminates, Dimension-Polyant has led the market in all
production styles for over 20 years.

a follow-up to our successful promotion from last year, Dimension-Polyant
is once again offering a fall discount on our revolutionary D4 membrane
laminate product. This discount is direct to the sailmaker and covers
orders with sail designs placed between Aug. 1 and Nov. 30. D4 continues
to rack up victories and podium finishes worldwide, and is available
to you through your own sailmaker. If you have any questions about D4
in general, please see our
. Join the growing list of winners and stay ahead of your
competition. Ask your sailmaker, he knows.