of Lia

Real Transpac, Part II

1 of the Transpac ‘07 rolled out as predicted- Pyewacket and Rosebud
got launched, with the rest of us struggling to maintain any resemblance
of a decent heading in the fluky winds around Catalina Island. Come
2000hours, I make the assumption that even the worst cook can add water
to freeze dried food, by asking Mr. Leggatt [Nick] of two World laps,
[Playsation, Daedelus] to do the honours. As I shine my head torch into
the runny brown liquid in my Tupperware box I ask [Mr] Enloe, the owner,
‘What did you have for dinner?’ ‘Well, I don’t know
what you’ve got, but I had spaghetti bolognaise.’ He replied.
So it was with a belly full of Leggatt special, freeze-dried spaghetti
soup that I observed the wind built into the middle of the night.