No Excuse

We’ve been waiting for a little anarchistic design fuckery, and
here it is.

Beer&Excuses 40 – a new day sailor from Molitor’s Awesome Yacht Design.

two things you really need when you’re racing sailboats. Those
two things are: Beer, and an Excuse. The best excuse, we at MAYD feel,
is a cruel rating. Next up is some sort of equipment problem. Therefore,
the best race boat is something with a miserable rating, and a lot of
gear to get fouled up.

B&E 40 defeats cruising oriented rules by having no interior
whatsoever, except for two heads (chicks like heads) and coolers. IRC
should hate this thing. Performance oriented rules should rate the
running backstays, bulb keel, and high SA/D as "fast". They
understand our genius. The running backs are brought down far too far
forward to be useful, the bulb is too small and too high, and there’s
not enough stability to carry the sails.