maybe just a bit crazy but plenty fast, the young bucks aboard the ID
35 On The Edge Of Destiny rock their way to Hawaii. 3rd in class and 15th
overall at this point sounds pretty good to us. Here’s what they had to

Hey again guys, not much has happened since our last update except some
light wind and painfully slow boat speed. We put up "big yellow"
2 days ago and we just changed back to the white assym, which we hope
will stay up until the finish. The thing is massive and even in about
11 knots of breeze gives us almost a knot over the yellow one, its just
a hassle to gybe and doesn’t go deep downwind well We just doused the
symmetrical kite, gybed, and set the white assym all in one smooth move
in pitch black. Beat that ML! we have had to sail so far south to get
around the high that our course to Hawaii is WSW, about 250 magnetic.
We have about 1350 miles to go and were hoping we don’t have to gybe again.
Were hoping for more consistent breeze on the second half of the trip,
it has been pretty light lately and I have work on Monday. We dropped
the lure earlier this morning and are hoping for a bite so we can have
some fresh fish instead of the foil packaged stuff we have been eating.

We received a bunch of e-mails from you anarchists affirming that
you dig the on board stuff, so read on my brothers and sisters. -Ed.