of Wetass

What Is Worthy?

I wish I was going to be featured in The Wetass Chroncles…”

are plenty of times when I miss The Wetass Chronicles (like when I come
across something extraordinary, or ridiculous, like
: a guy named Couch who flew a lawn chair, powered by balloons,
193 miles. And often people ask me whether I know of sites that cover
similar terrain. As it happens, I do. And since I am pretty sure I will
never be Wetass blogging on a daily basis again, I’m ready to share.
So if The Wetass Chronicles was like heroin, here are a bunch of sites
which together add up to a nice dose of methadone.

most Wetass Chronicles-like site comes from a Dutchman named Mr.
. Herr Boot has lots of videos, like this
of a boater who almost kills his two year old daughter (the
only individual who comes off looking good in this one is a Coast Guard
helo pilot). And (somehow I believe this will appeal to the SA reader),
he is particularly good at finding hotties splashing around, like this Hawaiian
bouncing up and down on a, um, hydroslide [it’s not what
you think, you perv…].