Firm Up

Anarchy supporter Velocitek has just announced a new firmware release for the Velocitek SC-1 GPS Race
Computer. Developed to the specifications of Moth World Champion Rohan
Veal, the new firmware includes a start line proximity mode that automatically
calculates your distance from the start line based on programmed committee
boat and pin locations. This new mode has been added on top of the SC-1’s
pre-existing Speedometer, Compass, VMG and Timer modes.

All SC-1’s sold to date can be updated with this firmware which is available
to download
for free
from the Velocitek website. Click hereto go to the section
of the SC-1 manual that describes how to use the start line mode.

addition to adding the start line proximity mode, Velocitek has reduced
the price of the SC-1 from $599 down to only $399. The price of their
simpler S10 model has also been reduced from $299 to $249.