Accepted Worldwide

Okay that is a bit of a stretch, but we thought this little story
was a good thing. We are slowly getting SAYC together (apologies to those
who are patiently waiting for their kit – we’re getting there!) and happy
to be recognized. Just wait ’till the trouble begins…

As you know I am an active member of Eastport Yacht Club in Annapolis.
Through discussion with our Commodore, we are pleased to announce the
provision of reciprocity with the members of the newly formed Sailing
Anarchy Yacht Club. SAYC members are always welcome at EYC and they may use the bar and food service
venues any time the club is open with the exception of the one or two
events annually that are for the membership only. To that regard, if they
check the website before a visit or phone the club once in town, either
would be advisable to check on special events ( www.eastportyc.org). They
will need to identify themselves to General Manager Bill Kocan and show
their membership card to make themselves "legal" with Bill and
our membership. They may use cash for payment.

Please extend a welcome from Commodore Carey Kirk and let them know that
he would hope they would introduce themselves when at the club. Hope to
see you and other Anarchists at the EYC bar next time you’re in town.