in the states today, July 4, is the day that we supposedly celebrate our
Independence as a nation. And while the day still carries some import,
it is hard to get real exited about it today with an imbecile as President.
You see, I don’t think starting an immoral war based on lies that has
killed thousands of innocents isn’t exactly in keeping with what this
nation should be about. So I’ll celebrate our Independence Day with a
thought of the past, and waiting for the day when this country will be
liberated from the corrupt smirking chimp and his jackal cronies.

And please, any of the 27% of you in this country who still support the
village idiot and are pissed about this short rant – save your complaints.
Your president is a failure and a war criminal and belongs in jail. Go
listen to Rush Limbaugh if you don’t like it. Better yet, wake up to the

Rant over and now back to our regularly scheduled programming.