Our continuing and fun-filled look at the ridiculous attempt at
sailing non stop around the world three times for a total of 1,000 days
at sea. The odds for a top notch program might be pretty good, but not
for these kooks.
Frankly, we’re shocked they’ve made it this long. Here’s a tasty little
sample from their blog:

…Lastly, we were not able to haul out for two years before we left
on this journey. It would have been nice, but funds were not permitting.
We have a heavy barnacle growth from the Hudson River and quite a few
places on our side where the bottom paint was rubbed off by tires and
pilings on our industrial pier from the current and ferryboat wakes.
(We even have some smashes I dealt with using underwater epoxy.) Now
goose-neck barnacles are multiplying. I have a big job ahead of me when
I get caught up on deck work and we are becalmed in warm water. I’ll
swim under the schooner with my mask, fins, and snow shovel and scrape
the bottom as clean as I can…