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The second edition of The Nations Trophy, from 8 to 12 October, was a storming success that cemented the position of Nautor’s Swan’s biennial headline event as one of the world’s foremost owner-driver one-design yacht regattas. Many top professional sailors came to race alongside impressively skilled amateurs. To quote North...

people are idiots

Hey dummies - it's a sailboat, not a powerboat... On January 10, the crew of the geared bulker Sunda rescued a sailboat...

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sailgp rip?

Well, that didn’t take long. Even before the second year of his four-event series gets underway in Sydney late next month, the financial cracks have begun to appear in Larry Ellison’s much-hyped SailGP extravaganza.

It was Tom Slingsby, Australia’s winning skipper from 2019, who let the cat out of the sail bag. Speaking to a local website he revealed his team is already working against a dollar deadline. 

“We have been told that unless we get some partners on board and some sponsorship dollars in, that we are going to be vulnerable,” Slingsby said. “By the end of this season we need to have made some inroads into this crucial area in order to secure our future.”

So here’s the bottom line: what was originally thought to be a five-year window for each entrant to become self-funding now appears to have been reduced to just two years. No cash by 2021, no splash. That’s a tough call, especially for the Aussies who hail from a nation never known for its strong corporate support for sailing despite producing many of the world’s best sailors. 

What emerges from [...]

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had to happen

They do say that one door closes often another door opens.

After the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) based in London decided on the, to some, the controversial change to the Fastnet Race to finish, not in its traditional port of Plymouth, Home of the Royal Western yacht Club (RWYC), a tradition established in 1925, just 6 years short of a century ago, when it is said it was originally the result of a bet between two RWYC members. 

The ‘Fastnet has run every 2nd year in odd years (barring the War Years), and last year attracting 300 entries within 5 minutes of the registration opening but from 2021 it will finish across the channel in France. The actual port isn’t important as the move effectively closed future improvements on the course record, wherever it is and ended the use of the traditional course. Door Closed!

The Second Door Opens!

Naturally the Royal Western Yacht Club which had hosted the finishers for all that time now had a gap in their sailing calendar, not to mention what I would imagine [...]

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put a fork in it

The VO70 Trifork, by Danish shipowner Joern Larsen, today shattered the record of the return to Mallorca under sail by stopping the stopwatch in 13 hours, 15 minutes and 17 seconds and exceeding the mark established by the German maxi UCA in almost four hours April 2005, when he managed to circumnavigate the main island of the Balearic archipelago in 17 hours, 14 minutes and 19 seconds. Since then there had been four record attempts, but all failed due to lack of wind or after suffering breakdowns.

The UCA record has lasted almost 15 years, but has ended up succumbing to the technological and human potential of the Trifork, winner of the 2008-2009 Volvo Ocean Race with the name of Ericsson 4, which has taken advantage of the strong winds of the Gloria storm to sail at speeds that in some sections have far exceeded 20 knots.  Read on.

good cause/bad look

This looks like a good cause, but jesus, could they shove more men on the stage?

The presentation of the third “ocean tribute” Award was celebrated with a (ocean) roaring party on the evening of 20 January at the blue motion night in Hall 6. The “Sea Women of Melanesia” were delighted to win this year’s award, which is endowed with 20,000 euros – provided by the Prince Albert II Foundation and boot Düsseldorf.

In this project, young, committed Melanesian women from the states of Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Fiji and Vanuatu are specially trained to establish marine protection zones around the unique, largest contiguous coral reefs in the world. An international team of marine biologists is on site and trains the girls and women in diving and surveying techniques to preserve and protect the corals. Their stirring motto is “Too precious to lose”. More.

get lashed

Modern high performance and foiling sailboats now experience much higher loads on their control systems. Ronstan’s new 30mm HHL Lashing Block is the perfect solution for these applications.

The RF35109HL has a maximum line size of 8mm and is rated to 550kgs (1210lbs) Maximum Working Load and 1650kgs (3630lbs) Breaking Load. The Breaking Load is dependent on the strength of the lashing through the central hub. The hub can also double as a becket take off point.

Such a high load rating is unique for a block of this size. At just 42 grams (1.5oz) its impressive strength-to-weight ratio is a result of clever design and the selection of the right materials, such as glass fibre reinforced nylon cheeks, a high-grade stainless-steel sheave, ball race and balls.

Typical applications include high load vang purchase systems on Moth and Lasers, halyards on 16 and 18ft skiffs; cunninghams, outhauls and backstay purchase systems just to name a few.

Props to Anarchist Michele.

thirsty work

Sanya Clipper was about to depart Australia en route to Sanya, China – their home port, likely the first thing they would have needed on arrival is a cold beer or three. You might ask why this would be any different from any sailor after a long offshore race. 

Well, the watermaker on the boat didn’t function and the boat was to take water in containers with a budget of around 1 litre per day but some crew members were (rightly) not happy. They are paying for the experience after all.

As the whole voyage would have been in tropical or equatorial conditions some of the crew complained to Clipper. This drew a response from Sir Robin Knox Johnson (from the Clipper website)  “Most ocean sailors know how to ration their water supply, we used to have to before the invention of watermakers. I averaged 1 litre a day for 312 days, but understand that that these days people expect more. But how much more? It is easy to overload the boats. We have used water containers before when a watermaker failed, Mark Light was Skipper of that boat and knows this from experience what is really necessary. So we need to look at what is necessary for sensible usage on the next race to Sanya and not excessive.”

While most would agree that unnecessary weight would be “excessive” it needs to be remembered that the 312 days of Sir Robin’s amazing voyage were not all topical or equatorial conditions and he was not a paying customer with the ramifications that brings. And why set off on a voyage with rationing in force from the very start? That’s surely not seamanlike!

Understanding of the human body’s requirements have moved on and no lesser a health authority that The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine state that the recommended daily intake of water (of which 20% is from food) is around 3.7l/day for males and 2.7l/day for females in a temperate climate, so the idea of 1 litre a day in  warmer climes doesn’t really match up. So those “people who expect more” include the medical professionals.

Thankfully Clipper have realised the potential longer term risks of continued dehydration and delayed the start to allow the watermakers to have the spare parts fitted and working with a 48 (ish) hour delay on the start from Airlie Beach. Clipper lay the blame for the delay in the parts on TNT for missing connections along the way

Not the first time on this lap of the globe that Clipper have been slow to look after their paying customers relative comforts with Zhuhai Clipper needing work/replacement on their oven in Portimao, still waiting in Punta Del Este, Capetown, Freemantle and apparently still without a solution in Airlie Beach. I know some people who are angry about that. Me? I am just reporting the facts.

such a deal

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During the Olympic Test Event in Enoshima JPN in August 2018, the past Finn World Champion (2013) Jorge Zarif BRA was caught in a doping test for tamoxifen consumption. He acknowledges the use of the substance banned by the World Anti-Doping Code, but claims that he did so on the advice of his doctor to treat a breast disease. He has put himself on provisional suspension, which means that if he is punished for six months, the hook has begun to count and he would have time to play in the Tokyo Olympics.—– The report.

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80 years on, still sharp

They have some amazing sailing in Australia in some fantastic boats. One I hadn’t heard of was the Australian Sharpie (or Lightweight Sharpies as they used to be known), not until my daughter informed me she was taking part in the Aussie Nationals a couple of weeks ago.

Originating as the 12.5m Sharpie in 1931, this is a boat akin to the Star in its endearing appear to its sailors. Similarly out-dated in some people’s eyes the class proves that you don’t need a carbon hull and rig and easily flown asymmetric kite to go fast, have fun and have a great class atmosphere.

At ¼ inch short of 20 feet under what is not exactly a small rig with fully battened mainsail it is not a small dinghy by any stretch and sails with 3 up with one on the wire and capable of planning upwind. This provides plenty of excitement for her crew when the wind gets up and with that symmetric spinnaker can prove quite a handful at the corners. 

From the Editor: The LW Sharpie originally sailed with a single luff spinnaker, with a wire insert. Effectively, a big headsail. This sail was gybed by throwing the pole around the headstay and then picking it up and replacing on the mast. Many of the australian skiffs and local classes used similar single luff ‘spinnakers’.

I was working with a Sydney sailmaker, Jack Hamilton, when the double luff spinnakers were being introduced, and we made many of the originals. Also at the time, we made the first of the flat 505 spinnakers for the Kerwood Brothers who won worlds with Jacks sails. Like the ‘Code Zero’ so popular today, which is a remake of the Blooper of the seventies, all of these things come, go and are rediscovered.

Regards, Rod Ogilvie.

Although much modified since the original the Sharpie it retains much of the aspects of the design that was even an Olympic Class back at the 1956 Games although gone is the gunter rig and the class now allows carbon in the boom and spinnaker pole, some gentle, careful and sensible modernising without wiping out the competitiveness of half the fleet.

Second hand boats can be found for just a few thousand Aussie Dollars making this a class that will not break the bank for someone wanting to ’give it a go’

Head over to you tube where there are a few videos of the recent Nationals held out of Mounts Bay Sailing Club, Perth, Western Australia where 52 of these guys battled it out for this year’s crown.  – SS.

auger in too

I liked the “Auger In” feature today. You might consider bringing back one of my favorites. Thomas Coville on Sodebo stuffing it in moments after passing the line at Ouessant on his round the world lap in 2011, Solo.

He told me later that was nothing compared to the one he did subsequently in the Southern Ocean. However, there was no chopper to capture the second one.

Keep up the great content.

Got an ‘Auger In’ video or photo that we should see? Send it on in!


Francis Joyon’s IDEC has just been on a promotional visit to Shenzhen, China berthed where they initially told Chinese advisers that it was too shallow for their boat.

Purely a ‘hello, look a me and my sponsor’ type visit with no guest sailing (clearly didn’t speak with the right people) to help promote sailing in China although they ironically signed with China Cup an agreement to promote sailing in China. Let’s hope this is more successful than China Cup’s agreement with the old owners of the World Match Race Tour that really didn’t go anywhere.  As someone interested AND active in helping to advance our sport in China it will be interesting to see what form their initiatives take – it all helps. 

Of course a promotional visit to China always adds to sponsor’s value even if Shenzhen is just round the corner from Hong Kong with a total mileage of less than 60 miles (there and back) and as I have written before the most important piece of any such arrangement is keeping the sponsor happy which, given [...]

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double dippers

ECsix multistrand carbon rigging from Future Fibres powered Ichi Ban to Overall winner and Comanche to the Line Honours victory at the 2019 Rolex Sydney Hobart, proving once again it is the #1 choice when looking for the perfect balance between performance and reliability.

The last time someone made it to the Line Honours podium without ECsix, was over a decade ago showcasing its continued dominance in the Sydney to Hobart race.
The longtime customers have proven themselves to be serial winners. Matt Allen and the crew of Ichi Ban hoisted the Tattersall Cup for the 2nd time in three years (2019 & 2017) and Team Comanche secured its 3rd Line Honours in five years (2019, 2017 & 2015).

auger in

One from 2012, but still one of the best nose dives ever!

just plain dumbass

OK, I’ll say it: the decision by World Sailing to make a single, mixed, two-person offshore keelboat race a new Olympic event for 2024 is crazy. 

In their misguided attempt to invent a gender-equal, media-friendly contest they have, instead, created a contest that will have far too many negative complications in practice and contradicts the fundamental qualities of genuine Olympic competition.

The idea underlying the whole notion of ‘sport’ is that everyone taking part should – at least in theory – begin with an equal chance of finishing in first place. 

As an Olympic sport, sailing has always seemed rather problematic in that regard. The core issues are its reliance on complex equipment with moving parts, i.e. boats, and the major role that luck can play in determining a result. 

Finalists in the 100-metre dash have no equipment beyond their shoes. They must survive an exhaustive series of elimination heats. They all race over the same course at the same time, and under the same conditions. In the end, the fastest runner wins the gold medal.

Sailing will never match that level of sporting purity because it cannot avoid the element of chance. Championship events are contested in purportedly identical boats to minimize technical advantages, [...]

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don’t take the brown acid

Quite the wrap on yet another Hobie 33 coming to Dago. One hears there is a so called ‘stock’ boat without some of it’s interior, but with it’s stock gift rating…

hold it together

In the high-speed, high-stress world of the America’s Cup, keeping the beast in one piece is clearly a big challenge. Structural attachments that require an adhesive bond need a strong yet also toughened epoxy adhesive to transmit loads between components. Achieving both strength and toughness can be tricky. The Pro-Set ADV- 176/276 super-toughened epoxy adhesive, from Wessex Resins and Adhesives, delivers just this.

‘It might be good to have a very strong bond but you don’t want one which just lets go without any warning,’ says Ineos Team UK’s manufacturing manager Michel Marie.

Over the years, as resins have been developed to be tougher, they have also needed to be more flexible so they can withstand a certain amount of displacement without breaking the bond. Read on.

to the end of the world

Huge thanks to our friends at Sailmon for this very cool article.

80°33.161’N. Not the latitudes you would expect on a sailor’s bucket list. For the Firebird crew, however, sailing on the 80 degrees North latitude was a long cherished wish. Last summer, their dreams finally became reality. After intensive preparation, the Russian superyacht departed from mainland Norway to make its way through the rough polar ice. Heading to the land of untouched nature, polar bears and winter hardships. A report of a magical adventure … not without danger

It’s early 2018 when the captain of Firebird boards a plane. Flight destination: Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen. The main goal of the visit is to get informed by local authorities about the possibilities and dangers of the extraordinary Northern expedition. A long awaited journey according to crew member and creative director Mike Jones: “Firebird has spent three seasons exploring the Norwegian coastline well above the Arctic Circle. Traditionally, we had a winter/spring season there and would go to the Adriatic for the summer. However, the dream of [...]

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help wanted

The RYA is on the hunt for sailors and boat owners interested in the new double-handed mixed offshore event that will debut at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

This exciting discipline will see mixed pairs battle it out over a four-day offshore race in a new showcase for the sport.

With planning for Paris 2024 already underway, the RYA has registered an entry for a British team in the 2020 World Sailing Offshore World Championship (OWC), held in conjunction with the Rolex Middle Sea Race.

The RYA would now like to hear from any motivated and experienced sailors interested in trying double-handed offshore sailing, and they are also keen to hear from any boat owners who may either be looking for a racing partner or prepared to loan or charter a suitable boat to others. Read on.

new rules

With numerous improvements prompted by user input and internal research over the past year, the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) is pleased to announce its new 2020 VPP and 2020 Rules books are available now for download from the ORC’s website at www.orc.org/rules.


Saturday afternoon certainly was a windy one, and photographer Derek Diehl captured images of a wave engulfing a Sheboygan lighthouse. Diehl says he was taking photos between 1-3 p.m. Saturday, and only had to wait about 20 minutes for the bigger wave sets to hit.

Although it was windy, Diehl adds he had perfect conditions for the photos, with no rain or snow in the area. According to travelwisconsin.com, the lighthouse is 55′ tall. Thanks to wbay.com


While the Australian bush fires are something to stand up and take notice of it is something that brings our awareness to the dramatic change in world climates. Our fragile dependence on clean drinking water, our overpopulation and the amount of waste that each and every one of us create so that we can have the most comfortable life we can afford are all considerations we must grapple with every day. We are all connected by the actions of others, more so now than at any other time in our current known history of life on this planet.

The Australian bush fires bring the unimaginable burning of millions of acres of forest, the death and destruction of the habitat of over a billion animals, and thousands of human structures burnt to the ground.

We can easily question is this the beginning or the end? I know there are so many problems worldwide to focus on not the least of which is how we can get along with each other while still having a comfortable life for ourselves. All we can do now is think about it a little more and not be so set in our own ways and that we are all connected to this small planet. What we have is getting smaller every day.

Please just take a minute to think about the way you consume the finite resources we all enjoy at this moment and live like there will be a tomorrow. This is not the mid 20th century anymore. We cannot live like there is no tomorrow with reckless abandon and disregard for the gift we have been given of life itself. We are all connected now more than ever to each other.

This is the view from NZ. We are all guilty.  – wrboyes.

join the club

Ocean racing has a small number of famous 600-mile races: the Sydney- Hobart, the Fastnet, the Newport- Bermuda, the Caribbean 600 and the Middle Sea Race. Now there is a new member in this exclusive group of special races, presented by the Hellenic Offshore Race Club (HORC), to be sailed from 14 to 20 June 2020: the Aegean 600.

This new offshore racing event presents a significant sailing challenge as well as a unique opportunity to sail non-stop in one of the most windy, versatile and beautiful sailing venues of the world. This will be a demanding route where boats will sail 200nm downwind, 200 upwind zig-zaging through the Dodecanese and a last, rewarding reaching leg to the finish line off Cape Sounion.

Technical highlights of the race include among others sailing through the Santorini Caldera, 70nm in the Sea of Karpathos and Rhodes, passing through Kos strait as well as the five nautical mile Delos-Mykonos channel, where tough upwind work is expected. Read on.

We came across this interesting feature by the BBC. Enjoy.

The Robertson family spent 38 days adrift with little fresh water or food supplies after their yacht was sunk by killer whales. Their tale of survival reveals the extremes the human body can endure.

he wind had dropped the night before, but the sea was still running pretty heavy, especially for a boat like the Lucette. The waves were about head height and in a small boat there was a real risk of going over the side. In the distance a shape in the sea moved towards the yacht.

On board, the Robertson family were 200 miles west of Galapagos and two days into a 40-day leg to the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia on their round-the-world voyage. Some of the family were sleeping below deck, having kept watch through the night. The morning coffee was brewing on the stove and the family were settling into their normal daily routine. The events that took place in the next few seconds would change their lives forever. Read on.

sporty buggers!

The 2020 Australian Sports Boat Nationals are going to be held between the 16th and 20
th of February at the Royal Motor Yacht Club Toronto. There is a quality fleet of boats preparing to “bring it on” to the current national champion Malcolm Dean from “The Stig” and take-home the top trophies, sponsored prizes and bragging rights until the 2021 year.

“The Stig”, Malcolm Dean’s Shaw 650, blasted out of the blocks last year with a win in their first national titles at Sail Port Stephens then backed it up with a first in the Queensland State Titles and second at Airlie Beach Race Week. The Stig’s focus is to knock off Re-Heat (REO 7.2) at these titles. Re-Heat is the only boat to beat the pace setter in competition racing at last year’s Airlie Beach Race week in the overall results.

good thinking

From our Fab Forums…

121 Boats signed up so far. for the Three bridge Fiasco in Frisco. 3 marks any order.

Sooooo which is da fastestest? Also through the Raccoon Strait or no?

I know the Moore guys all know this but I don’t have enough sheckels to bribe my kid into Stanford so figuring SA next best plan. Thread.



A scoundrel spied  wearing an A3 hoody from the top of Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park.

from thin air

Too good to be true?

GENNY, the Israeli-innovated home appliance that generates water out of thin air, was named the Consumer Technology Association’s Energy Efficiency Product of the Year in the 2020 Smart Home Mark of Excellence Awards at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas Wednesday night – an award series that annually recognizes the tech industry’s top smart home innovations.

Created by the environmentally savvy Rishon Lezion-based tech company Watergen, the water-from-air system taps into atmospheric water using patented heat-exchange technology, producing up to 30 liters of potable water for a home or office every day – significantly reducing plastic usage and disposal by eliminating the waste caused by drinking bottled water. Read on.

power up

Culminating 2 years of development, RS is proud to announce the Boot Düsseldorf debut of an industry disrupting start to a new genre of motorboat. Pulse58 is a brand new, entirely bespoke design RIB, with ground-breaking, full integral electric drive.

Constructed with sustainability as its primary focus alongside zero emissions, Pulse58 is destined to challenge habits, spark passion among its users and redefine the standard.

RS warmly invites you to the launch of the Pulse58. Boot Düsseldorf – 18 January – 16:30 – Hall 15 – E24

teaming up

Opti kids at the Monaco Optimist Team Race. The US team looks a little ragged in the photo but not on the water! Read on.


This sounds like bullshit. If you paid somebody $100k to refurbish it, why wasn’t it on the hard? you know, in a yard? Instead it ended up on a beach after sitting on a buoy for months and now you want $2 million? Got it. 

A Tiburon couple has filed suit against the city of Sausalito, saying its program to seize and destroy derelict vessels on the bay unlawfully targeted their seaworthy boat.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court by James and Charlotte Gollub against the city, the Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency and the county, alleges city officials unlawfully seized and destroyed their vessel, “Miss Fitz,” without due process in January 2018.

The couple are asking for $2 million in damages. A settlement conference is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 14. No trial date has been set. Read on.

jason ker speaks

I’d like to make clear that the keel lost by the Ker 40 ‘Showtime’ was not designed by Ker Yacht Design.  The yacht had a retrofit keel fitted, designed by its owner’s local design office near Sydney and built by a local fabricator.

 We have designed a great many keels over the last 23 years which have been constructed by many different builders around the world, none have ever failed.  To the best of our knowledge, Showtime is the only yacht designed by us to have had a keel fitted that was not designed by us.

 The keel, designed by the owner’s local Naval Architect, was configured as a vertical hollow strut welded to a horizontal mounting plate, which in turn was sitting in a shallow recess in the boat’s hull and bolted to the boat’s structure.  This is not a design approach we would ever endorse as the high stress point at the junction is coincident with the horizontal welded joint.

 The skipper of the delivery voyage Rob Buchanan and his crew only survived through extremely calm thinking and bravery under stressful circumstances.  Rob woke hearing a metallic ‘Ping’ just before he was thrown across the boat from his windward bunk as they capsized.

 While they made their plans to escape it was apparent to Rob that the inverted boat was holding air pressure in the hull, so the top plate of the keel can only have remained fully bolted to the yacht.  When the crew swam down out of the boat, they saw that the vertical part of the keel was missing, revealing that the keel had failed at the welded joint between the exposed vertical and the recessed horizontal parts.

 Ker Design would support any World Sailing move to ban this low cost but high risk style of ‘welded T’ keel construction.

Best regards,

still cool

Melges doesn’t spend a dime for advertising with us, (which is pretty lame),  but this vid is cool.

power of nature

After another great race to Hobart on Kialoa II, during our delivery back to Sydney, we pulled into Twofold Bay in Eden to get out of the Nor’ easter and wait for the southerly next morning.

After 48 hours across Bass Strait and no updated news of the bushfires, we were confronted with this sight of the Woodchip Mill fire with Australia’s largest navel ship HMAS Adelaide standing by in the bay evacuating residents and delivering supplies to communities on the South Coast of NSW.

As darkness fell, I captured this incredible sight of Sydney Hobart entrant ‘Business As Usual’ sailing into Twofold Bay with HMAS Adelaide and the Woodchip Mill fire raging under heavy rain.

The image was captured from Kialoa II anchored in Twofold Bay. Photograph Dallas Kilponen Instagram @dallas_kilponen. Website.

edge of glory

Continually pushing the leading edge forward, North Sails has collaborated with Future Fibres to engineer the next refinement to Helix sails – a cord that allows all the performance benefits of Load Sharing Technology and the reliability that comes from top-down furling for sails with mid-girths greater than 60 per cent. This load sharing system is exclusive to North Helix sails,’ says Braun.

‘The latest advancement in Load Sharing Technology is the Helix Luff Cord, co-engineered by North Sails and Future Fibres. This exciting new product was designed and manufactured by North Sails’ partner Future Fibres, who took their vast experience and technical expertise in torsion cable and furler integration to the next level on this shared R&D project. Read on.

Title inspiration thanks to one of the most beautiful live solo songs ever.

the end is nigh

For christ’s sake, does anyone remember that,  just a few short years ago, this was a SAILBOAT show? Now it is the Chicago Boat, RV & Sail Show. What in the holy has happened to our sport? More.

And yes, there is a thread.