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You think you know how to jury rig some shit and limp home?  Get a load of these Canadians! The crew of HMCS Lockeport sailed 350 km under this rig following a severe storm that disabled her engines in January 1944.  They made a square course and a proper mizzen from hammocks and blankets, making good progress before finally rendezvousing with a tow.

Cool sailing story from the fun folks at the Royal Canadian Navy Fans page.


November 15th, 2018 by admin

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A quick correction to Snapper’s awesome report from the 6m Worlds, thanks to a Facebook reader: You wrote :”Fridolin’s keel lead was used by the Russians in WW2 for bullets”. This needs to be straightened out, it was the other way around – not used by the Russians but used against the Russians. Many fine Finnish yachts lost their keels during the WW2,  as their owners donated the keels to the Finnish army to be used as bullets. Many boats sailed with concrete or iron keels for decades before being refitted.

With the third Ukrainian weapon depot in a year blowing up mysteriously yesterday and the country still fighting to hold its borders against a newly adventurous Russia, we figured the Finns wouldn’t want anyone to forget their own battle against illegal Russian expansionism, and the fierce fighting of WW2 enabled by Finnish resolve and thousands of lead keels.

Photo from this 6m Class post.

September 28th, 2017 by admin

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We don’t count ourselves among the warmongering nationbuilder crowd, but we sure do appreciate what those octa- and nona-genarians did to win their war against evil in a far simpler time.  This video of a bunch of US Navy cadets honoring one of the few sailors left went viral over the past week, and we dig it.  Thanks to SA’er ‘point break’ for the heads up, go here to chat about it.

August 24th, 2016 by admin