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Coast Guardsmen are, with a few exceptions, pretty good seafarers.  But waterborne police are typically the worse kind of maritime morons.  Oftentimes equipped with ex-drug runners’ overpowered rides and rarely trained in the kind of advanced boathandling techniques they need to know, water cops are frequently more dangerous than whatever it is they claim to be saving the rest of us from.  We all remember the murdering Perdock; here’s a less deadly but equally idiotic case.

This Washington DC  police boat driver doesn’t have the slightest clue what happens when you turn the wheel and open the throttle; watch him destroy the little runaboat in a second’s stupidity.  CBS Baltimore reports the cop seemed to be “putting on a show for the crowd” as he sped off on another call, clipping two boats with his RIB.  One of the two boats hit sank at the dock, and the same idiot cop was reportedly heard telling the skipper of the boat – borrowed from his friend – to ‘relax’ a few minutes later.  We’re guessing he didn’t apologize.

USCG and police are ‘investigating’ what led to the crash.  Seriously?  We’ll save them some trouble.  HEY DC:  YOUR SHITTY SELECTION, TRAINING, EQUIPPING, AND OVERSIGHT OF YOUR WATER COPS is what led to the crash.  Quit hiring cowboys too stupid or arrogant to understand the water and maybe you can save a few million on personal injury suits.  Props to  Trendsetter for starting the discussion.


September 2nd, 2013 by admin

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