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Race Report

This is the best sailing spot that you never heard of. So good and so secret that the locals and the A-Class Catamaran fleet who use it for winter training prefer that we simply refer to it as ‘Location 51’.

The Viper 640 fleet have just finished a week of incredible sailing for the Viper North American Championships at Location 51.  It was one of those once-in-a decade fun regattas.

We are allowed to tell you that it is a large bay in the panhandle of Florida with flat water, a fantastic sea breeze, one of the most hospitable casual yacht clubs you will ever come across, white sand beaches…and home of the 33rd Fighter Wing, the Nomads. To quote one top US Olympian  “Why have I never sailed here before?”

Plenty of cool video by your very own Rev Pete Crawford, including a great interview of a team of 15 year old Viper sailors from the Gulfport YC and a hysterical interview of one of the four Aussie teams.

Check out the Facebook page for more great images like the one above from Petey, as well as live reporting and why nobody knew who won the regatta until 20 minutes after we got ashore.  There is a detailed day by day account of the racing on the forum thread.

This was the largest North American Championship in the Viper Class history! The talent was deep. The Sun was out. The Breeze was on. Location 51 Yacht Club had the barbecue fired up when we got ashore. The bar served Bushwackers and beer. The club is a sandy peninsula with 270 degrees of stunning views. What was not to like?  The Australians were here. The Brits were here. The Californians were here. The Canadians were here in force. The Midwest and Great Lakes teams were here. The Yankees were here. Naptown was here. The Texans and Arizona were here. And there were 25 boats from the Gulf Yachting Association. Words cannot recreate the cool and festive atmosphere of this regatta, you really have to check out Pete’s videos.

The racing was intensely tactical with 3 days of strong breeze on flat to light chop and one day in the middle of the regatta where the PRO got off one race in 4-6 knots. By the last day four teams were in contention. It all came down to the very last race.  When the dust finally settled the top 4 teams after 11 races were separated by 7 points.  I have only one word for those four teams and that is Respect!  Full results here.

Nobody quite knew who had eked out the final victory until we all got ashore. You can read the forum or listen to Petey’s live commentary on facebook to find out why, but in the end Marcus and Andrew Eagan won followed by Brad Boston , Tom Loutrel, and Zeke Horowitz.

This is one of the all time great “Flat water – Breeze on”  places to race sailboats. If you haven’t been there, you got to put it on your bucket list… oh wait, find a local to give you directions to Location 51.

Report by REDACTED

November 10th, 2017 by admin

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Once again the folks at Quantum were busy at the world’s biggest sportboat regatta, and there’s a pile of very cool and interesting shorts from Keith Brash and Petey Crawford over at their Instagram page.  Crawford jumped on a Viper with a bunch of teens to grab the clip above.

April 29th, 2017 by admin

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More busy times in the land of the video editor, and we’ve got 5 good ones for you to start your week off right.

Getting To Know You

It’s gratifying to see so many sailing videographers finally focusing on individual people; it’s the kind of character-building we’ve felt has been missing from the landscape for the better part of a decade.  The characters are there – the sport’s full of ’em – and this video from Ben Hartnett is an absolutely gorgeous and innovative way to get to know UK-born Aussie Olympic Finn sailor Oli Tweddell.  Watch closely – it might make you a better sailor, too.

Show and Show

Olympic 470 Dutchie and longtime SA devotee Kalle Coster showed off possibly the hottest racing product at the Annapolis Boat Show to Mr. Clean and Petey; here’s a 6 minute look inside the best-looking race display on the market.  Keep an eye on Penalty Box Productions’ Vimeo page for more videos from the show dropping on Tuesday morning, including our first-sail on both the Gunboat 55 and 60.


It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the awesomely close one-design racing we’re already seeing in the Volvo Ocean Race, but we ought never forget that they are competing on a forbidding and potentially deadly field.  If there’s one thread running across all of Waterlust’s videos, it’s humility, and this VOR vid from the Waterlust team is a beautiful look at that humbling ocean.  As an aside,  we thank VOR TV for fixing many of the problems that plagued the in-port race during their much better race start coverage.

What A Long Strange Chip It’s Been

Petey Crawford takes a soup-to-nuts look at the breezy E-Scow Blue Chip Regatta last month on Lake Pewaukee Lake.  It’s got carnage, kids, drones, and Jimmy Spithill helming one of these classic surfboards; a strong buildup to next year’s 50th anniversary Blue Chip.  If you’ve been a Mystery Guest before, mark your calendars – they’ll be inviting every one of you to come along for the fun in September 2015.

Back Of The Pack

While the top boats get the prettiest videos, we love to check in with the rest of the fleet, and this video from 30th place Hyper Viper at the 34-boat Viper 640 North Americans has plenty to make you smile.  Congrats to Brad Boston, Curtis Florence, and Chad Corning for the win.


October 13th, 2014 by admin

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Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 2.09.39 PMBig Pimpin’

Stalwart SA supporters Juan Mauri and Rondar Raceboats have joined forces!  Rondar Boats USA are pleased to announce that Texas-based Mauri Pro Sailing is now an official outlet for the Viper 640, Rondar K6, and singlehanded K1 dinghy.  Get in touch with Juan and the boys today to get advice on everything for your Rondar Raceboat, or to find a new one!


June 30th, 2014 by admin

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This week it’s the Viper 640 North Americans at Houston Yacht Club. Texans believe that two Vipers are better than one, Babe.

Two Melges 32 owners tied for first after the second day. Two leaders are better than one, Babe.

Jason Carroll driving his Viper 640 Argo with crew Chad Corning and Danny Pletsch is tied with Malcolm Geftner’s Celeritas with Willem Van Waay and Victor Diaz Deleon. Both teams are fresh from the Melges 32 worlds where Jason was crowned Champ; the Viper program is a tiny fraction of the cost of a Melges 32 program but it continues to attract some of the best sportboat sailors on the planet as both a great cross trainer for big boat owners and double the pleasure for half the cost for everyday one design sailors. In third,  Jay Gollison with Ched Proctor and Steve Flam are only two points behind the leaders, and they are closely chased by Luke Lawrence in Arethusa, Kevin Taugher in Hot Mess and Brad Boston in Jackpot. It’s a field laden with talent and Anarchists.

Oh and for those Vipers that couldn’t make it to Houston this year, there are another 30+ Vipers registered at the HPDO this weekend! Two Regattas are Better than One, Babe.

Title Credit from a song so old that we can’t even find it online, and huge kudos to the Houston Viper fleet for creating this great cover shot at the HYC parking lot, and to KO Sailing for an incredible Texas Open Pit BBQ!


October 11th, 2013 by admin