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Big thanks to Ben Poucher for reminding us that, no matter how divided we may be, we’re still all part of the same country.  Happy Veteran’s Day (a day late).

Let’s take a minute to get over ourselves and honor those that serve, have served, and those that have made the ultimate sacrifice to allow us to vote and complain openly about our freedoms as Americans.  No matter what you do on veterans day, make the effort to tell a veteran ‘thank you’ for what they have done for all of us.

Warrior Sailing has continued its success by healing and strengthening veterans through sailing in 2016.  Warrior Sailing hosted 3 basic training camps and 2 advanced camps at partnering facilities throughout the US in 2016. In addition to the core camps competitive graduates compete in various ‘open regattas’ as well as the J22 World Championships this summer! (SDYC, SPSC, CofC, Sail Newport, St. Francis, AYC)  While the country might be divided on various issues, the sailing community remains open to those wanting to join, and Warrior Sailing has facilitated the introduction of veterans to this opportunity.  Over 150 wounded, ill, and injured veterans have been introduced to the sailing community and the sport of sailing since we started in 2013.

In honor of veterans day and to help support activities in the Charleston area, Charleston Yacht Club is raising awareness and funds for Warrior Sailing this Saturday during their Big Boat Regatta!  Sign up, go sailing with a warrior graduate, and get out to support this awesome initiative!

Get involved, donate, do something for a veteran!

Thank you for your service and have a great veterans day!


November 12th, 2016 by admin

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We don’t count ourselves among the warmongering nationbuilder crowd, but we sure do appreciate what those octa- and nona-genarians did to win their war against evil in a far simpler time.  This video of a bunch of US Navy cadets honoring one of the few sailors left went viral over the past week, and we dig it.  Thanks to SA’er ‘point break’ for the heads up, go here to chat about it.

August 24th, 2016 by admin