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US Sailing’s membership has some of the same challenges as the Republican party: It’s old, white and dying, and most of its members HATE change.  So while we’ve been cautiously optimistic about some of the changes which have been implemented under our National Governing Body’s current leadership (like the ODP for instance) and we note they’ve increased their membership somewhat over the past couple of years, we’re always on guard for the latest cringeworthy attempt to get younger and more diverse.

Fast forward to today, when “Digital Marketing/Growth Hacker” Brian Fanzo announced that he’s the Keynoter for February’s Sailing Leadership Forum in St. Pete.  Fanzo certainly looks the part: Beanie-bedecked, tattooed, and out-of-shape, the mid-30-something wears the right clothes and has the right facial hair to appeal to old people looking to hire ‘one of those Millenials’.

But here’s the strange thing: Fanzo doesn’t seem to be much of a star at all: With just 2200 followers on Facebook, 120k followers on Twitter (but following 73k, which means someone’s been playing with bots), and a Youtube ghost town, Is Fanzo going to bring in the kind of younger, hipper interest that he was hired for?  Or is this just another near-miss by an organization that is so frequently ‘almost there?’

It’s actually stupid to even ask these questions; you already know this pimpy douche is going to be a huge waste of time, especially for the US Sailing bozos….

SA will be at the Sailing Leadership Forum to find out.  If you want to see a ‘Minor Celebrity Cage Match’ between Fanzo and Clean, tell US Sailing.

January 7th, 2018 by admin

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The Transpac multihull start is a mere hours away and the ratings authority* (ORR) still hasn’t issued ratings! Our understanding is that Mighty Merloe is the only one of the ‘big three’ to have submitted all data, but Phaedo and Maserati did not. That doesn’t seem right at all.

From ORR: “The Offshore Racing Association (ORA) will distribute ratings for the Transpac multihull fleet by the end of the day on July 5th.  There has been a significant delay due to the absence of design information on two of the boats.  ORA is working to create representative hull and foil data to be used in lieu of actual measurements.

ORR-MH uses a velocity prediction program.  The polars from that program are then combined with the same wind speed and direction model use to generate ratings for the Transpac ORR fleet.  (It should be noted that the multihull fleet has a different scratch boat than the monohull fleet so that comparisons of corrected times will be invalid.)”

We’ll be watching closely to see how this turns out… Title thanks to the U2’s best live song.

*An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified US Sailing as the ratings authority. We got a note on that:

“US Sailing has no involvement whatsoever with the Multihull Rule currently being developed by ORA, nor is US Sailing involved in processing of certificates for the Multihull rule.  This is 100% an ORA project.

“Also for clarification, US Sailing does process ORR certificates for monohulls, but does not have any ownership interest in the Rule or the VPP, which is owned exclusively by ORA.

“We do know there is a need for a robust VPP Rule for Multihulls and wish ORA success in their launch of this Multihull rule.  There are many challenges that lie ahead in this development including the gathering of accurate design and measurement data on the boats.

“Ron White, Offshore Chair, Director
US Sailing”


July 5th, 2017 by admin

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Clean Report

In this double header to celebrate the end of a long road trip, Clean first talks to freshly minted Director of the US Olympic Sailing Team Malcolm Page.  The Australian double gold medalist and multiple world champion answers questions from Clean and the Anarchists, including a frank assessment of where the US team is, why he took the job, why the US team became also-rans for the past three cycles, and the route (and how long it’ll take) to rekindling America’s prowess in olympic sailing, as well as loads more questions.  More than an hour from Malcolm (with thanks to Will Ricketson and Josh Adams for their help and information provided for this podcast), learn more about him at

The second part of our podcast has quite a bit more laughs, when we are rejoined by two repeat visitors, also both world champions.  Bora Gulari and Petey Crawford add their entertaining and knowledgeable voices to the SA Podcast, with the group discussing Bora’s new job helmsman of the Quantum Racing TP52 and his testing of both the new UFO Foiler in Newport and the new Nacra 17 Foiler in Holland. As a past Melges 32 world champ, Petey gets into  the new Melges 40 as the chat moves to the balkanization of big boat one-design classes.  As the drinks kept flowing, they turned to the world’s biggest problems: Foil kiting and the Olympics, the future of live sailing on the web, how to fly commercial using fake ID, and finally some ribbing on Mr. Clean’s performance at the summer’s Sunfish Masters Nationals.  Bring your popcorn for this one.

Our final November episode (sort of) comes to you thanks to our title sponsors Musto performance sailing gear, Torqeedo electric motors, Ocean Planet Energy Systems, and Doyle Sails New Zealand.

Download the podcast for later listening here at Libsyn, and subscribe on iTunes here.

December 4th, 2016 by admin

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Former US Sailing Team member John Casey launched the sport’s first real podcast last week, and he’s not screwing around; JC’s most recently-dropped show features former US Marine and now US Sailing Team Sperry racer Danny Evans getting deep into – well, everything.  You’ll get two hours of a very interesting guest chat, including the gory details of Evans’ horrendous injury (fast forward if you’re squeamish), the real reasons the Paralympics dropped sailing from the 2020 Olympics, how amputees can best sail fast beach cats and foilers, how much quicker John Casey’s Nacra 20FCS is than Ben Ainslie’s, and how much JC wishes he had Danny’s upper body.   A great two hours of sailing chitchat, and we listened to every second.  You should too.

Hook up with Evans’ Facebook Page over here, and bookmark JC’s podcast page over here.


December 29th, 2015 by admin

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US Sailing latest online attempt to Save Sailing is a lot better than anything else they’ve done over the past few years, and Episode 5 of “The Beat” is probably their best effort yet.  Sure, the production is cheesy as hell, but it’s somewhat inspiring stuff, and knowledgeable, affable host Katy Nastro carries the movie well it all off well.  We were sucked in by a chance to check her out in a wetsuit as she ‘learned’ to kiteboard from superspeedy Rob Douglas, but no such luck. Enjoy it, and check out “The Beat” catalog for more from Katy and her team.

Too young for the reference?  Click here to listen to the original 20-something ‘beat’ girls.


July 22nd, 2015 by admin