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Everything about the Ultim class of giant, singlehanded trimarans is over the top.  The size, speed, and power output of these monsters is hard to comprehend unless you’ve been on one, and the speed at which bad things happen is truly stunning.  All of this makes it a surprise that we haven’t seen more of the big trimarans go over, but with Gabart, Le Cle’ach and the rest of the nutters prepping for a busy year of record attempts and the Route Du Rhum, we’re bound to see a lot more of what we saw early this morning: one of the world’s fastest sailboats – upside down, with the skipper and crew hanging out inside waiting for their shore teams and a tow. Head over here to check out a 360 degree video of the Maxi Banque Pop, and here’s more from their media team:

-Crew (Armel Le Cleach, boat captain Pierre-Emmanuel Herisse, and cameraman Fulvio d’Aguanno) are safe and uninjured inside the boat.

-Capsize occurred around 3 AM off of Morocco,

-Crew quickly triggered EPIRB, support and salvage plans were activated immediately and support operations are in progress.

-Trimaran was headed to Nice to compete in the Nice UltiMed event

-Weather data does not show anything extreme.  Team is awaiting Armel’s explanation for the incident.

-Too early to say if Maxi BP will be able to make the Route du Rhum now.


April 14th, 2018 by admin

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A cool, multi-cam 360 degree look at the latest-launched Ultim, Banque Pop XXXWTF.  Foiling on the ocean last week to 42 knots in this drone vid.

And Vincent Riou (longtime open 60 PRB skipper) says he’s joining the Ultim game too.  The world’s fastest fleet of racing boats may soon be the world’s biggest offshore multihull fleet!


December 2nd, 2017 by admin

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With thanks to photographer Py Leroux and the Ultimboats Facebook Page, we now know exactly why the world’s sexiest sailboat got beaten across the ocean by a boat launched at the turn of the century: Delamination and structual failure of her massive ama foils.  It’s a problem that just about every foiler in history has faced, and what’s odd to us is that the basic solution adopted by all of those designers and sailors – monolithic rather than cored carbon construction – was ignored by the designers of what is probably the most technologically advanced ocean racer on the water.

The Rothschilds will barely notice the six-figure cost of building new foils, but the team will certainly notice the months of downtime it will take to figure out the fuckup and then design and build something more robust.  In such a new class where the best crossover charts, rig, and foil settings could mean a 5% speed advantage,  Gabart, Le Cle’ach and Coville will now have a decided advantage over Josse as the Brest RTW race creeps ever closer.

Chat about the Gitana XVII in the thread. Tip o’ the hat to our 3.5-fingered friend Bora for the heads up.

November 17th, 2017 by admin

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IF you missed the live feed of the TJV start, you’re SOL for a while thanks to major delays in converting it to an archive, but here’s a quick look at the sexiest fleet on the water today as they left the dock.  Monitor the TJV site or the thread for alerts when the excellent start video is posted.

November 5th, 2017 by admin

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Screenshot 2017-05-04 08.49.07

Bermuda and the America’s Cup may occupy the Louis Vuitton luggage buyers, real fans of sailing have one of the most interesting races in years on the calendar this summer, and the favorite has just picked his crew – which includes one lifelong Anarchist from France.  We’ll be speaking to charismatic Mini and multihull badass Benoit Marie soon about his role on Francois Gabart’s Macif in the upcoming Bridge Race, which will pit several “Ultim” maxi-trimarans against the 1750,000 horsepower of the Queen Mary 2 in a race between Saint Nazaire, France and New York City this coming June.

May 4th, 2017 by admin

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Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 9.41.26 AMThe wide-open development world of the Ultimé trimarans means ultimate secrecy, especially when it comes to the most important performance part on the boat: the foil.  And sure enough, after months of testing and sailing with only highly edited photos and videos making it to the public, the J-foil on Macif has finally been revealed.  It’s fat, short, and looks like it’ll survive a whale or seal filleting session well enough, but will it be fast enough to bring wunderkind Francois Gabart RTW gold?

With the even more extreme near-sistership Banque Pop IX not far behind, we fully expect quite a bit about these rockets to change before their solo round-the-world race begins in a couple of years.  In the meantime, this monster is off to Le Havre to compete in the doublehanded TJV in just a couple of weeks; here’s a pretty sexy video promo for their challenge.   Thread here.


October 13th, 2015 by admin

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Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 3.46.23 PMWe loved the news yesterday that Banque Populaire would be extending its sponsorship of sailing for 5 more years with the building of a Banque Pop IX – a brand new monster trimaran for the solo Ultim Class.

A tidbit in the release caught our eye though; the team announced the sale to Francis Joyon of the most iconic trimarans of the modern era – the Banque Pop VIII  (née Groupama 3) that Loick Peyron just raced to a crushing record of the Route Du Rhum course.

Francis Joyon asked BP to keep things quiet for now, but the paint don’t lie – it’s getting scrubbed today in preparation for a brand new look.

We’ll let you know when the new name goes on…


February 19th, 2015 by admin