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We were a little surprised at just how long it took, but El Naranjo Grande might have just made all those US-Cuba yacht races nothing but a memory with the help of sneaky “Little Marco” Rubio.  The Atlantic (and most other logically minded folks) expect Trump’s new policy to fail miserably at whatever it hoped to accompish, but hey, Florida!

SORC says the Miami to Havana race is still on, but to expect a lot more red tape.

The SA Department of Magic 8-Ball Fact Checking rates that statement ‘ask again later’, but given how difficult the race already was for organizers and the new, strict restrictions on doing any business at all with GAESA-owned properties (like all marinas in Cuba) we’d advise you to not hold your breath!


June 16th, 2017 by admin

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As the new US administration prepares to pull out of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, the biggest iceberg in recorded history is almost ready to break off from Antartica.  If you own property near the water, get ready for rising prices on your property.  If you own property on the water, get ready to swim.

You can do a little about climate change yourself, but if you really care about the future of the planet, you’ll need to tell them at the ballot box sometime around November 2018…


May 4th, 2017 by admin

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The US stock market continues to celebrate the election of an anti-tax billionaire while the rest of us search for more substantive silver linings in the cloud that is a Trump presidency.  One small positive for sailors came minutes ago with the announcement of new Education Secretary Betsy Devos to his cabinet; Devos is a sailor herself as well as a member of the multi-billionaire Amway-founding, Quantum Sail owning Western Michigan family that’s put so much time and money into sailboat racing over the past couple of decades.  Betsy is wife to Dick Devos, helmsman of the big MaxZ Windquest as well as the Quantum Racing TP52 and Melges 32, but while he was messing around trying to be Governor, she’s been quietly and relentlessly pushing to radically change school systems for a long, long time.  Whether or not you agree with the politics (and we do not – ed.), it’s always good to have sailors in high places and we wish Devos the best of luck with a tough job.

Unfortunately, that scintilla of good news comes with news of another appointment with potentially ugly repercussions for yacht racers in the Southeast; the lawyer who crafted Bush’s rules ending the last open era with Cuba was just named to Trump’s transition team.  He’s called Mauricio Claver-Carone, and he ran a group vehemently opposed to Obama’s recent moves to end America’s closed-door policy with Cuba.  Clearly Trump did something to run up his Latino vote in crucial Florida, and if the appointment of Carone an indicator that he’ll pay back the anti-Castro bloc with a hardline policy in Cuban relations, you’ll be very happy if you bit the bullet and raced to Cuba in 2016, because it ain’t gonna happen for at least 4 more years – if ever.

Maybe there’s time for one more race to Havana, before mid-January…


November 23rd, 2016 by admin


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