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Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 10.05.00 AMClean Report

Just a short one from the Club Sushi balcony at the Antigua Yacht Club, folks.  For videos, interviews, and real time reports from the course, head over here.

With 2-time AC winner (and 5-time AC grinder) Shannon Falcone aboard the Timbalero, the G4 found some new modes on Day 1 of Antigua Sailing Week.  “We went from 9 and a half knots upwind to 13 once we started putting the bow down and letting the foils work,” Falcone told me.  On the RIB, we noted that the G4’s foils were actually lifting her up over monohulls’ lines despite the cat keeping the wind at something like 55 true.

The G4 took the fastest elapsed time of a significantly down ASW fleet, finishing 42 minutes faster than the G55 Toccata and  correcting out just 2 minutes ahead.  A great day for a boat that was in dire straits just 8 days ago, and a tribute to the hard work of PJ, Lauren, Chris and the GB team.  You can find results over here.

Roddy-Grimes Graeme photo.


April 27th, 2015 by admin

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Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 8.50.52 AMClean Report

The G4 ‘Wipeout’ video has already racked up some 330,000 views in less than a week, well on its way to million-view status.  But I barely had time to enjoy it last week before Gunboat Marketing chief Lauren Bataille sent me a text message.

Still coming?” she wrote of my already-booked trip to Antigua for some G4 racing at Sailing Week.

Maybe I’m crazy, but watching a sweet 30-knot run segue into a gentle capsize didn’t make me nervous; in fact, it had the opposite effect, and sitting here at Newark airport waiting for a connection to Antigua, I find myself watching that video over and over again.  What would I do?  Where would I hang on?  Do I really want to find out?

My answer remains as it was in my response to Lauren.  “Hell f*&^ing yes!

My seven-months pregnant wife always knows how to cut to the chase.  “If she flips, be sure it wasn’t your fault,” was her first directive.  “Oh, and wear a helmet.  And have fun.”  That part should be no problem at all.

Got questions about the interior, the exterior, the foils, the stove, the capsize, the electrical system…or anything else?  Well, so do we.  Plant yours in the G4 thread (without being a dick) and we’ll try to get an answer for you. Keep an eye in the forum, on the front page, and especially on SA Facebook for video and pics from Antigua.


April 25th, 2015 by admin