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I first started talking to Robert “Kilo” Killick nearly a decade ago after he contacted me to find out how SA was live streaming sailing on the web. A classic 18-foot skiff sailor and a Sailing Anarchist from the earliest days, Kilo was fascinated with the idea he could stream his beloved 18-Footers to the world over the internet.  We spoke frequently over the years, sharing tech developments, drawings, and stories (and man did he have a lot of them!), until finally Kilo and I got to share some Bundaberg in Sydney in 2013 while he put the finishing touches on what would become the first-ever live-streamed 18 Footers racing.

Kilo passed away on Saturday while at his computer, most likely watching a replay of the America’s Cup or checking out the SA forums.  He was a junkie for anything that had to do with high performance racing, and his zest for life and for his sport was unequalled.  My next trip to Oz will be a little bit sadder without Kilo to share a drink and a smoke with, and I’ll miss my skype buddy desperately, but that’s nothing compared to the Sydney Harbor community and Kilo’s family and his close friends in the tight-know skiff community, all of whom have truly lost a legend.  If you want to get a feeling for just how passionate Kilo was, head over to this 2013 interview I did with him on the eve of his first-ever live stream.  Below is the obituary we’ve pulled from the folks at 18footers.  Huge thanks to Cocko, BVM, and the other Sydney skiffies who’ve been sharing stories with us to remember Kilo.


It is with great sadness that we see the sudden passing of one of Sydney Harbour’s great sailing legends Robert “Kilo” Killick who crossed his last finishing line on Saturday 24 June. Kilo was well known around Sydney Harbour, Port Hacking, Hervey Bay and numerous locations around the planet through his sailing, whale watching, charter vessel operations and pretty much any activity that involved having fun.

In recent years he was best known for his contribution to 18 ft skiff sailing whether it was Saturdays skippering the Historic 18 ft skiff “Yendys” out of the Sydney Flying Squadron or Sundays following the modern 18 footers out of the League at Double Bay around the track on Sydney Harbour in the Camera Cat. Kilo was passionate about 18 footer sailing and played a pivotal role in developing and sustaining both classes.

At the Sydney Flying Squadron Kilo was a key figure behind the building of a number of the replica skiffs including the most recent Myra Too being Billy Barnett’s 1951 winning skiff, and his beloved “Yendys” that he cared for like a father.

Kilo was a great man, he had a great heart and shared his love generously in bringing people together and providing encouragement towards helping us believe in ourselves.

For those of us who were fortunate enough to share his acquaintance he leaves a big hole in our heart, but always a smile on our face.

Never a dull moment Kilo!

Heartfelt condolences to Sam, Mackenzie and Angus and his family.

Bon Voyage brother.

Billy Loader
-Commodore Sydney Flying Squadron

June 29th, 2017 by admin

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Clean Report

The story of Anthony Bell’s road to the ultimate Aussie racing prize is epic and quintessentially Australian.  Picked up for a firesale price after nearly killing her entire crew in the Fastnet, this beast of a boat would throw obstacle after obstacle at Bell and his team over the past three years, until finally, the Perpetual Loyal (nee Speedboat) got it right this past week.  Bell picks up not only the first-to-finish trophy but also the overall Hobart race record, smashing Wild Oats‘ 2012 time by more than four hours – something not even the mighty Comanche could pull off.  WOXI was knocked out for the second straight year.

We’ve enjoyed Bell and his crews’ attitude over the years, and we’re intrested to hear about the ‘different sailing challenges’ he has said he’s moving on to now that he is ready to sell the big JuanK beast – at what is probably a much higher price than she’d have fetched before the team’s excellent performance…

Always precisely where the action is, Nic “Sailor Girl” Douglass sat down with a guy that embodies the kind of sacrifice and work ethic exemplified by the campaign.  The above video features Loyal boat captain Brad Kellett – the youngest sailor to participate in 25 consecutive Hobarts and one of the most respected boat captains in the Southern Hemisphere – and he talked all kinds of pre-race prep with Nic and even let her have a sneaky look around.

She also covered the finish of Perpetual Loyal (she was right on the pin), the dock arrival, champagne, press conference and banter, and interviewed Kellett, Bell & Slingsby live on the dock.  A few hours later, when the sun had come up, Brad was still on the boat, spending time with “his girl” when everyone else was in the pub. Champion.

You can see Sailor Girl’s full coverage, including her full pre-start show with over 30 boats, her start commentary, live with the first 14 boats home, Customs House action, and be in the draw to win some free stuff here.

A quick note about media: We’ve long criticized the CYCA and Rolex for years of weak coverage and a resulting lack of international exposure for this exceptional race as well as a lack of interest in improving – or even acknowledging – the problem. We’re glad to see things are changing.  While race organizers and their media partners continue to lag other events in understanding how the internet works, their content and media outreach have improved significantly for this year.  Even where they are behind, they are lucky to have a spark plug like the Sailor Girl showing them exactly how to do it right.  Why they aren’t just paying her to run their social media, podcast, interview world…we have no idea at all.


December 31st, 2016 by admin

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With Northern sailing pretty much over for the season, beautiful Sydney beckons, and nothing says Sydney better than the 18 Foot Skiffs!  Killo and the boys are back on the Camera Cat to bring you live action for the entire 18 footers’ season; catch up with news and photos here on the League’s site, and remember: Before football, Formula 1, and everything else you watch on Sunday, the 18 Footers are there for ya.


October 30th, 2016 by admin

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screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-8-59-50-amLet’s get one thing out of the way: We have quite a bit of respect for both Jim Clark and his smokeshow of a wife: Jim funded “The Cove” and had the balls to build (and occasionally sail) on the baddest monohull on the planet.  Kristy is a competitive equestrian athlete, a mother of two, a huge supporter of conservation and the environment, and had the even bigger balls to race on the mighty Native American without her husband. 

And while we hope we and the Aussie media are misreading the situation, but we absolutely hate the signs that they’re on their way out of the sport, regardless of the reason.  Given the couple’s real estate moves over the past few months, their marriage could be in trouble as well.  The Sydney Morning Herald reports on the Clark’s ‘interesting’ year:

It was only a few months ago that Australian-born glamazon Kristy Hinze and her billionaire American husband Jim Clark were basking in the glory of their super maxi Comanche’s Sydney to Hobart win, feted across Australia as the new king and queen of the sailing world.

However it appears their reign will be short-lived, with word from the sailing community that Clark will not be bringing his wife or his high-tech multi-million-dollar yacht back to Sydney to defend the title.

Indeed 2016 has been an interesting year for the couple, who PS first revealed were dating nearly a decade ago and tied the knot in 2009, with a few eyebrows being raised at their age difference: Clark is 36 years older than his former model wife, Kristy, who turns 37 next month.

It is barely five months since Clark went public to debunk reports claiming his Australian model wife was at the centre of a stoush he reportedly had with his best friend and the captain of his Sydney to Hobart-winning super maxi Comanche, Ken Read…However during last week’s Audi Hamilton Island Race Week, several witnesses to the Caribbean fracas recounted what they had seen, backing up the initial reports despite Clark’s later reassurances that he remains good friends with Read.

Now it appears Clark and his fourth wife will not be returning to Australia to defend his title at this year’s Sydney to Hobart, with part of the reason rumoured to be a desire to avoid any further media scrutiny following the sensational claims published nationally back in April.

Earlier this year Hinze and Clark offloaded their Point Piper home [in Oz -ed], and this week listed their vast Palm Beach, Florida, estate for sale with an equally vast price tag for the Ill Palmetto mansion, a whopping $181 million.

The full article’s here.

September 9th, 2016 by admin

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Sydney’s sailing scene adds another sad bit of news today with the passing of a true Harbour legend.  Roger Hickman won the Hobart last year and was a long time sailing crew with recently passed yachting icon Bob Oatley, but he’ll be remembered more for the hundreds of young sailors he helped inspire and mentor to become offshore racers.  From the Daily Telegraph:

Just over two months after skipper Roger Hickman collapsed at the end of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race, one of Australia’s greatest ocean racers has passed away.  The Sydney skipper, 61, contested his 37th Sydney to Hobart on his yacht Wild Rose in December. But just hours after the finish of the race he collapsed and was rushed to hospital in Hobart where numerous brain tumours were discovered.

“He was well loved and a special man,’’ said long-time friend and sailor Matt Allen, president of Australian Sailing.

Look for more info or share your thoughts about the indomitable Hicko in here.  Video interview above from our 2013 Hobart coverage in conjunction with McConaghy Boats.


March 1st, 2016 by admin

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With four races sailed and the fifth one live right now, the 2016 JJ Giltinan’s got just two more days to go before we learn whether the Seven era is truly over.  Meanwhile, two entries – Lumix and The Black Dog were Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 12.33.52 PMboth killed off yesterday by non-competitors (including a Farr 40 racing their Worlds nearby).  For the full story, a look at the damage and a preview of Race 5, go here.

For picture galleries, Pick the Podium contest, and detailed results, here.


February 17th, 2016 by admin

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Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 8.05.07 AMOur most sincere condolences to Valerie, Sandy, Ian and Ros and the extended family of Bob Oatley, who died on Sunday morning.  Of course we all know Bob is the man behind the Wild Oats line of racing yachts as well as wines, islands, and much more, but we loved him for his no-bullshit attitude and a commitment to the sport that’s legendary.

Get into the thread and share your own Oatley story here.


January 10th, 2016 by admin

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Nic the Sailor Girl is blowin’ it out of the water down at the CYCA for the live, Sydney-Hobart Pre-game show, starting now!  Everyone wants to talk to the Sailor Girl, so get ready for piles of interviews as the crews get ready for Australia’s signature race.  And refresh this page often for info about watching the live streamed Yahoo7! coverage of the start; we’ll let you know how to watch it no matter where you are.


December 25th, 2015 by admin

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A breezy day on Sydney Harbour meant some mast-washing for Pierre Pennec and the Lino Sonego X40 team today; Sydney’s time zone is perfect for live action for US West Coasters, starting at 0030 ET/2130 PT today.  We don’t know who’s winning the season or, frankly, which teams are racing, and the X40 broadcast is usually pretty weak, but with a solid forecast for tonight (Saturday afternoon local) and more chances for carnage, we’ll be taking a look.



December 11th, 2015 by admin

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Seve and team on Gotta Love It 7 may have clinched their record-setting 8th JJ championship, but the fight for the podium is still on during this final day of broadcasting for the 2015 18 footer Worlds.  Will Howie Hamlin get the first US podium in more than a decade after winning race 6 on Saturday?  Clicky play and tune in live above.  Nic Douglass did some killer interviews with Howie and most of the boat park yesterday – click here for that noise.


February 21st, 2015 by admin


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