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Big Pimpin’

Designed and built in the good old US of A by a couple of adrenalin-loving racers, the Vakaros Atlas replaces many of the plastic boxes you’ve got on your racing boat with more accuracy AND the looks of a supermodel.  Here’s a bit more about the coolest new electronic toy to hit the race course in some time.

Atlas-equipped Marstrom 32 teams REV and Extreme2 took first and third place at the M32 North American Championship.

Vakaros worked closely with both teams​, taking feedback from the sailors each day, implementing their suggestions overnight, and then rolling out software updates each morning. The sailors had been frustrated with their old instruments and found the Atlas to be a major upgrade in every regard. In particular, they loved the easy-to-read display, real-time responsiveness, and accurate distance to line.

“The Atlas is fantastic and performed fantastically all week! Extreme2 will be using the Atlas by Vakaros moving forward!” –Dan Cheresh, Owner of Extreme2

Vakaros is looking forward to working with both teams at the M32 World Championship next month. In the meantime, you can order your Atlas ​here​.

August 23rd, 2018 by admin

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Brad Jackson and Rome Kirby get the boot while Simeon’s back for the start, and Volvo 65s have to find their way through an uncorralled spectator boat fleet.   Watch it all live here, but watch the Sailor Girl’s dock walk first.

October 22nd, 2017 by admin

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The MUSTO + Torqeedo “Cleanin’ Up Europe” report continues with the big day:

Don’t screw around, ladies and gents; there’s one thing to watch this fall if you love yacht racing or extreme sports, and it begins today!  Get primed by learning about the history of the full fleet here, scroll down for Clean and Ryan’s excellent dock walk/form guide of the entire fleet, and click on the player above for the live dockout show beginning at 0800 local time and running through the pre-start at 1-ish. Not sure why Vendee Globe TV can’t use the same player for both parts like everyone else (but then again the French don’t play that well with YT).

We didn’t do anything like our coverage four years ago, when we spent two weeks interviewing literally dozens of sailors, shore crew, and event staff.  Thanks to the evolution of the internet and event media, a thousand percent increase in english-language coverage from the 2012 event to now, and the fact that the skippers are all in ‘bullshit the media’ mode right now, it ain’t necessary.  We’ll grab them in a week or three when they can start keeping it real, away from phones, tv producers, and all the dangers of the land.  For all the team links, click here.

One interview we did grab was one of our sentimental favorite skippers: Nandor’s Spirit of Hungary.  Maybe it’s his perseverance in the face of almost constant problems over the past couple of years, or maybe it’s because he gets to do the ultimate sailing race with his daughters and wife as his shore crew, or maybe the idea of building your own boat for a race this tough appeals to us – either way, check it out here.  And if that’s too serious for you, get a load of Mr. Clean trying on Alex Thomson’s ‘Pavlok’ shocking alarm watch and shrieking like a little girl – or at least the bald grizzly bear version of one.  Thread remains here and it’s getting updated by multiple Anarchists on site, and check back this evening for the VPLP Podcast – fascinating – and more video work from Clean and his invisible team.  For more details on the broadcast coverage in your area, go here.

Enjoy, and a big thanks to MUSTO and Torqeedo for presenting all of our Vendee, ISAF World Council, and METS coverage this month.  Also thanks to Bruce Schwab and Ocean Planet Energy for their support of our coverage.

November 5th, 2016 by admin