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The Corby 36 Ino went down on Saturday in the Solent after a collision with the cruising boat Valkyrie, with all seven crew safe and sound.   Fresh from a full refit a year ago and a a remasting over the winter after losing her rig at the end of last season, the boat that dominated as Inga From Sweden under skipper Richard Goranson is now very wet.  Updates over at Reddit (where we stole this photo from), with more photos in the SA Forums.


June 9th, 2015 by admin

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With the Youtube video approaching a million views (making it one of the most-viewed sailing videos in the history of the interwebs), a Southampton magistrate yesterday dropped a cool £100,000 penalty on navy officer Roland Wilson for breaking three COLREGS requirements before scratching the Hanne Knutsen’s anchor.  (1) He failed to keep an adequate lookout, (2) he impeded a large vessel in a narrow channel, and (3) he impeded a vessel constrained by his draft.

The 100k (called ‘costs’ by the court) will likely be covered by Wilson’s insurance policy, but he’ll still need to come up with  another 3 grand in fines.  Wanna know more, or do you know more?  Hit the thread.  And before your next regatta in a TSS zone, you might want to read up on How To Avoid Huge Ships.

October 25th, 2013 by admin

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