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VPLP principal Mark Van Petegham has been super cagey with the development of the wing/sail prototype they French designers think may revolutionize open water cargo shipping but news and PR is now trickling out on what may finally solve the problem with the uber-efficient shapes of semi-rigid wings; reefing. Note from the photo that the solution isn’t nesting flaps or morphing shapes – it appears to be a plain old, 19th century, halyard-and-sail-material solution.

Entirely automated, self-supporting and rotating 360°, Oceanwings® adapts its angle of incidence to the vessel’s point of sail to ensure optimal propulsion. Power is managed by trimming camber and twist. “Not only does it provide exceptional control,” explains Nicolas Sdez, the engineer in charge of the project, “it’s also efficient to the point of halving the surface area required to propel a vessel under conventional sail.” VPLP design is developing several concepts which use this patented technology, such as the Komorebi range, Komorebi 200’ and EMC cargo ships.

We’ll have more on it when we can get the tight-lipped VPLP to open up, but until then, check Marc’s article on LinkedIn.

April 29th, 2017 by admin

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Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.42.31 AM

With gasoline at around $2.00/gallon in much of the USA, commercial wind power is rapidly receding into the world of science fiction, but we’re not ready to give up just yet, so we dusted off our favorite VLCC rendering from just a couple of years ago when fuel was twice the price.  It’ll happen again, and when it does, we hope this rigid-winged Panamax-size concept comes alive.  It comes from Sauter Carbon Offset Design, and between the wings, solar power, and a narrower, shallow-draft hull, designers calculate the Deliverance to use less than half the fuel and earn billions more over her life than a non-hybrid ship of the same size.

More over here.


September 22nd, 2015 by admin

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IMG_20150228_190211For a second straight year, the Great Lakes are closed for business.  Icebreakers notwithstanding, the mass of ice still clogs much of the lakes – which reached a hair under the >92% ice cover they reached during last year’s record cold – and it’s making a big dent on the bottom line of the companies that depend on freshwater transit.  There’s more here in the NY Times, and the view on the left is SA’er ‘12345’ chillin’ chilling on the ice pile up off Montrose Beach looking at Lake Michigan this past weekend.

Meanwhile, Arctic sea ice reached its lowest maximum extant since satellites starting measuring it 40 years ago.  Get your Northwest Passage cruising plans ready (and don’t count on the $30,000 per person cruise ships – they’re sold out), and see here.


March 23rd, 2015 by admin

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Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 2.33.56 AM

The car carrier Heogh Osaka enjoys a mechanically-induced holiday on Bramble Bank in the Solent, and it’s even sailing related; Extreme Sailing Series and enthusiastic newish-to-sailing sponsor Jaguar Land Rover owns about 1200 of the vehicles aboard. (From Anarchist ‘Peter Morton 1’: “My flat looks right on to The Brambles so saw the whole thing and then listened to VTS last night. I heard the tug boat captain asking to to be vectored to the Brambles to get it “out of deep water”. It had a massive heel on to starboard before it went aground from what I could see so my guess is the big port turn at West Bramble caused a list. Went out in my RIB first light and my guess is it will be there for a while. Is certainly not coming off on the next HW as that has just past and its meters out of the water.”

More firsthand accounts, video and more pics over here.  Sweet shot from this dude on Flickr.

January 6th, 2015 by admin

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