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Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 8.18.41 AMNo one ever wants to be in the middle of a custody battle, but according to the FBI, 46 year-old Seattle sailor Jeffrey Hanson is about to have a lot of people right in the mix of his.  Accused of being a drug abuser with a volatile personality (which describes about half of our readers, and about half of our staff – ed)), he’s apparently been gone for over a month with his 9 year old son. If you’ve seen the kid and aren’t a fan of parental kidnapping, send the news to someone who can do something about it.  From the Honolulu Star:

The FBI is seeking information on a parental kidnapping case in which the suspect may have sailed to Hawaii from Seattle with a missing 9-year-old boy.

Jeffrey Ford Hanson, 46, set sail from Seattle Sept. 4 with his son, Billy Hanson, in a sailboat called “Draco,” and neither have been seen since. 

Seattle FBI has consulted with the U.S. Coast Guard which said that, based on the boat and Hanson’s sailing abilities, it is possible for him to have sailed to Hawaii,  American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and other Pacific Basin islands.  Hanson, a known drug abuser with a volatile personality, is the non-custodial parent and  is currently wanted by the FBI for international parental kidnapping.  

Honolulu FBI Special Agent Tom Simon said, “Our focus is helping the agents at the Seattle FBI recover Billy safely, so he can go back to his mom where he belongs.  Hawaii and the islands of the Pacific have a vibrant sailing and nautical community, and we are appealing to that community to be on the lookout for this sailboat and contact authorities with leads.”


October 9th, 2014 by admin

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Here’s a look at a Vessel Assist ‘rescue’ from Seattle, with some details from local rigger Chris Tutmark.  Plenty of chat about it here.

Note that the masthead was lodged into one of the small trussed boxes along the bridge edge. One of these can be seen in the black and white pic in the link below as one of the vertical members of the bridge. If they had gotten the boat free quickly when things first got stuck, the mast “may” have survived. As it was, the only question was how many pieces it was going to be in once the boat was freed. And it was a keel stepped mast, so dropping shrouds would have only changed where it broke, not whether it broke. 

For this spot, the surface water almost always runs to the west (going left) as it is fresh water coming from the Locks and the spillway.  For those who do not live near the bridge, here is some history.  


August 1st, 2014 by admin

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Today we give you the best Video Friday we’ve had in quite a while! We’ve got launching Optis, dancing Minis, crashing SB20s, a massive storm, and the final Little AC wrap.  Enjoy them all, and enjoy your weekend from everyone here at Sailing Anarchy.  Got an awesome video for next week?  Send it in.

The Mothosphere

More foiling.  More crashes.  More interviews with some of the world’s fastest men and women.  And of course, more Gretta.

You’ve been waiting for it patiently, so here’s the full, 20 minute long, 2013 McDougall + McConaghy International Moth World Championship final highlight reel from Penalty Box Productions.  Enjoy!


Opti Crush

We don’t know who he is, but this Seattle grommet has bigger balls than we do!  Check this Opti-crusher out on a 30-knot day in Shilshole Bay last week, and note his smile.  Also note the distinct lack of helmets, lawyers, and nanny-state, helicopter-parent sensibility.  And someone, please let us know who this grom is; he needs some SA gear and we’re gonna get him some.


Hey Jude

The same St. Jude storms that threw the Mini Transat and TJV into such disarray also did a number on Scandinavia.   The storms were the most powerful to hit Northern Europe in more than a decade, and billions in property damage, hundreds of boats destroyed, and 16 deaths are the weather’s legacy.  Here’s a look at what 120 knot winds look like on the Svenburg Sund in Denmark, and there’s more video here.


Target Rich Environment

Sometimes, hitting those puffy inflatable tubes is just too tempting.  This from last month’s SB20 Worlds in Hyeres, where someone must have painted targets all over the RIB at the pin end of the line.  Chat here and thanks to Presuming Ed for this one.


Nothing To Do But Dance

With about 6 weeks of delays, postponements, and other misadventures, the Minis are indeed restless – none more so than the handful of prototype skippers who made it to Sada while the rest of the fleet ended up…elsewhere.  They put together this little tribute to the Mini Transat Race Committee; it’s sort-of called “Where’s The Race Committee” and it should crack you up even if you don’t speak French.  Latest on the Mini fleet (including another boat lost on the delivery) here.  Thanks to the Moody Frog for this one.


November 8th, 2013 by admin

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