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10488168_545379252254639_2485521319233481499_nGet your minds out of the gutter: No matter how much it looks like it, that’s not a vagina seeking out its owner!  It’s actually something far more serious, if you believe the Swedish Swedish Oresund blog, which claims the Finnish Next 37 Audi Quattro discovered a lump of epoxy and remnants from a second stuck to their hull when they hauled out at the end of the Valencia ORC Champs.

We were very surprised after lifting the Audi Quattro up. We found a strange object in the bottom of the boat near the rudder. It looked like plastic or epoxy and was attached with glue to the bottom…This is a clear sabotage. This kind of items can not exist in the bottom by accident. Somebody must have put it there!   Also TP 52 Hurakan, the World Champion in 2013, had beed sabotaged in Valencia. Really fair racing in Spain!?!

If accurate, this is some seriously ugly crap.  But we’re awfully curious why they didn’t find it sooner; what serious team doesn’t scrub their bottom each morning?


July 10th, 2014 by admin

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