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Clean Report

When Francis Joyon took nearly two weeks off the solo RTW record in 2008, we figured it would be a long, long time before anyone became king of that particularly mountain.  Today, a new king will be crowned in what should go down as the most impressive feat of the year. Thomas Coville is set to take more than a week off of Joyon’s still incredible mark when he arrives in Brest in a couple of hours, achieving a time that would beat even the crewed records until just a few years ago.  It’s interesting to note that fewer people have sailed around the world alone, nonstop in a trimaran than have walked on the moon – just Ellen Macarthur, Francis Joyon, and Coville, and each of them now have owned that all-important trophy.

Coville, along with his sponsor – convenience-store-sandwich-maker Sodebo – deserve massive accolades, and not just for the second-most important ocean sailing record in the world: Their perseverence and tenacity has been nothing short of incredible!  This is Thomas’ 6th attempt at the same record, and to come back and do it again after just the sheer heartbreak of missing it by just hours in 2014 – that’s the stuff of legends.

If you’re in the area to welcome in this soldier of the sea, be sure to check out the #ABrestPourThomas hashtag for the latest info for spectators. If you want to understand what it means to the French to have such ownership of the most important records in the sport, watch this video of a French naval pilot talking to Thomas a couple of hours ago.

Discussion here.  Image via Fralo. 

December 25th, 2016 by admin

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Whitbread vet Brian Hancock’s piece last month celebrated the 50th anniversary of Chichester’s groundbreaking voyage, but Brian’s love affair with Chichester may have blinded him a bit.  From Buenos Aires-based SA’er ‘plenamar’: Vito Dumas rounding of Cape Horn preceded Chichester by more than two decades.

RKock adds that Marcel Bardiaux in Les 4 Vents sailed westbound around Cape Horn in the early 50s.
Bill Nance sailed westbound around Cape Horn in Cardinal Vertue about 1960, on his way to Australia from England.

And “Cisco” wraps it all up: Vito’s voyage was and indeed still is little known in the anglosphere as his book wasn’t published in English until the mid/late 50’s long after the event. He was probably far better known on the other side of the Atlantic, and he made his trip in the middle of WW2 with a minimum of fuss.  The reason Chichester became so well known was the mass of publicity in the popular British papers.  And also…. some will say ‘but, but… Dumas did his circumnav completely in the southern hemisphere!!’
He had pre-WW2 singlehanded from France to Argentina and post war had single handed from Argentina to the US and back a few times.  Even so, he was not the first single hander around the Horn…before him the Norwegian Larsen singlehanded east to west…but he didn’t live to tell the tale…having sailed from Argentina wreckage of his yacht was found on the coast of Isla Chiloe.

Got anything to add?  Here.





September 8th, 2016 by admin

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joeJoe Harris has quietly been living out a 30 year old circumnavigation dream with the support and interest of a legion of fans as he sails his Class 40 Gryphon Solo 2 around the world via the great capes, but things took a wetter turn yesterday.  If you are in the Punta Del Este area and can lend a hand, get in touch with the GS2 team.  Here’s Joe’s update:
Hello all-I am writing to let people know that I discovered some water coming in to the boat from the starboard bow area yesterday. I had seen this starting after the big Northerly gale of two nights ago, but the amount of water was small and I thought it might have come through the deck hatch. But after sponging it up a few times and it coming back, I decided to pull all the gear out of the area and have a look.

I discovered a 2ft x 3ft area of delamination- that is where the inner fiberglass skin separates from the core material and the outer fiberglass skin in the hull sandwich, and the area loses its structural integrity and becomes mushy. I don’t know whether I hit an object or just came down off a wave and crashed super hard- lord knows there was enough of those- but in any event, there is flexing in the hull skin and water seeping in- so the damage is significant enough that it needs to be addressed- and cannot be repaired at sea.

So, while this sucks to have to pull off the road, as I am anxious to get home, there is no question that the boat would not make it to Newport with this damage… so time to head for shore.

Punta Del Este, Uruguay has been a stopover port for both the Around Alone and Global Ocean Races, and GS2 friends have friends- so hopefully things can get done quickly and smoothly.

I am approx. 300 miles from Punta and am monitoring the hull flexing and water ingress closely as I point the bow in that direction- but would hope to be safely in port in a couple of days.



March 22nd, 2016 by admin

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Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 12.01.54 PMLive view dashboards have been getting a little dull over the past couple of years, so we’re pretty excited to see how the newest toy from Yann and Dona and the Spindrift 2 team works as they get ready for their assault on the outright RTW record.  Aimed at both sailors and the many thousands of school children they’ve recruited as fans and spectators, the new S2 Jules Verne tracker has all sorts of fun things to play with for every level of fan and sailor during a dark winter.  Bookmark it now so you don’t miss any of their assault on the baddest record of them all.

Tanguy and Sam have a decent live dash as well as they mix it up on the way to Brazil for the TJV; every year, we get closer and closer to sitting in their cockpits…and some still insist that ‘sailing ain’t a spectator sport.’

November 5th, 2015 by admin

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