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We continue to be impressed by the outside-the-yachting-box thinking of Race 2 Alaska organizers, with the latest coming via their infographics department.  Click this link to get to the interactive version, and head over to one of just 12 of last year’s episodes of CNN’s “Really Great Big Story” for a gorgeous and inspiring documentary on three paralyzed men embarking on last year’s journey.

With R2AK’ers verbosity approaching that of the Everglades Challenge hippies and survivalists, the forum thread on the race is a veritable cornucopia of info on the event.  Go there.

March 29th, 2017 by admin

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In Sailing Anarchy Podcast # 7, Mr. Clean caught up with some of the juice behind the badassery that is the Race 2 Alaska just before the start of Leg 2: First, a half hour with race founder and cool-as-stage-smoke square rig sailor Jake Beattie to learn some of the stories behind the race, second, 20 minutes with M32 owner/skipper Randy Miller, who is currently about 270,000 grizzly bear lengths ahead of the second place boat; most likely only major damage or injury will prevent the Mad Dogs from crushing the existing race record.  Finally, we spoke with Tritium Racing boat captain Ryan Breymaier shortly before they started (and then withdrew from) Leg 2 of the race.  Their story after our Podcast picks up here.

Whether you’re considering the R2AK in the future or you just want to learn the details behind what it is and why it and races it shares features with are so goddamned appealing to both competitors and the public, you’ll want to tune in for around 2 hours of the best damned sailing podcast around. To subscribe to the SA Podcast, head over to iTunes.  For downloads, embed codes and similar shit, go to our Libsyn host page.

You’ll find trackers and news and videos over at the event page linked above, but the discussion in the SA Forums is quite spirited and interesting.  Dig this race?  Head to the forums now.

You young punks can learn more about how crazy Alaska makes you (and the title of this piece) if you check out this site.


June 29th, 2016 by admin