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Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 12.41.07 PM

We continue to be impressed by the outside-the-yachting-box thinking of Race 2 Alaska organizers, with the latest coming via their infographics department.  Click this link to get to the interactive version, and head over to one of just 12 of last year’s episodes of CNN’s “Really Great Big Story” for a gorgeous and inspiring documentary on three paralyzed men embarking on last year’s journey.

With R2AK’ers verbosity approaching that of the Everglades Challenge hippies and survivalists, the forum thread on the race is a veritable cornucopia of info on the event.  Go there.

March 29th, 2017 by admin

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Screw the Monster Garage – how about one of the fastest cats of her time in your living room?  We like!

The current owners of Nice Pair took the 40′ Crowther Super Shockwave (made famous by Bruce Geffen’s multiple Mackinac wins) on the Race2Alaska, and now they’re looking for a smaller, faster ride.  Can you help them make their sleigh fly? From the thread:

Class C Catamaran, under 400 lb. all carbon.  25 feet long, 14 feet beam tall rig.

Who has foils to make her fly?  Thanks, Stephen Marcoe.  R2AK Team Golden Oldies.

The record-setting Pair is for sale, BTW…

December 18th, 2016 by admin

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Jake Beattie and the folks at Northwest Maritime Center folks are once again showing why they’re some of the best race organizers in the sport with this promo of the 2017 Race 2 Alaska and a big announcement! Here’s the note from JB:

Hey Clean,

Same race, June 8th starting date, but with one new change: There’s another $10,000 in play. We’re going to buy a boat that finishes.

Every time a boat finishes we’re going to show up with a big Ed McMahon style check and the team will have 5 minutes to decide if they want to sell us their boat. First one to say yes gets the $10k, and we get their boat…whatever it is.  It means we’ll probably end up with a shitbox, but we wanted a way to encourage the scrappy side of the race. Who knows what will happen, but we’re laughing for now at least.

Watch the great vid above, and if you want more info, watch this presentation.  Or, ya know, the new thread.

September 13th, 2016 by admin

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Randy Miller and the small crew of the M32 Mad Dog Racing have won the second edition outright with a blistering time of 3D20h13m, destroying the R2AK record and the rest of the fleet by DAYS!  A huge congrats to the boys, and the above pic (posted by Randy himself in the forums) shows just how much thought Miller put into the race.  It’s a Ballard Sails decksweeping mainsail that keeps its aero-friendly endplate effect even when reefed.

The race continues, and here’s a short excerpt from the latest report from the clever Jake Beattie:

While the R2AK nation slept sound in the knowledge that they would rise in plenty of time to check the tracker and box out a spot in the online queue for the coveted feed of the Ketchikan harbor cam, Team MAD Dog Racing was hurtling through the night on a downwind screamer. 23 knots downwind through the great wide open of Dixon Entrance. Full throttle in the darkest night that the crew had ever seen. No stars, no moon, no lights from an uninhabited shoreline, just black stallion racing into the spray filled darkness.

“We couldn’t tell where the horizon started, it was too dark to know where the boat and the water were.” By the time we all woke up and checked the tracker, then checked it again, they were close. Oh my god close. All over Ketchikan you could hear forks hit plates in a mid bite mind blow that had people breaking into a dead sprint, breakfast left half eaten and steaming on the table so they could get to the finish line on time. You know that sweaty nervous panic you get when you oversleep for a job interview? Same thing happened all over town as folks threw on clothes and danced the dance of people trying to put on pants and move at the same time. One driver clocked the M32 along the waterfront road south of town, his car barely keeping pace in an impromptu race within a race that only he knew he was losing. How are they that fast? Team MAD Dog Racing was within sight of the finish line and they were still sending it, fast. Even the press was surprised, some slipping in to the back of the crowd in the hopes that their competitors wouldn’t notice.

Read on, and click here for the daily video highlights.

July 1st, 2016 by admin

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In Sailing Anarchy Podcast # 7, Mr. Clean caught up with some of the juice behind the badassery that is the Race 2 Alaska just before the start of Leg 2: First, a half hour with race founder and cool-as-stage-smoke square rig sailor Jake Beattie to learn some of the stories behind the race, second, 20 minutes with M32 owner/skipper Randy Miller, who is currently about 270,000 grizzly bear lengths ahead of the second place boat; most likely only major damage or injury will prevent the Mad Dogs from crushing the existing race record.  Finally, we spoke with Tritium Racing boat captain Ryan Breymaier shortly before they started (and then withdrew from) Leg 2 of the race.  Their story after our Podcast picks up here.

Whether you’re considering the R2AK in the future or you just want to learn the details behind what it is and why it and races it shares features with are so goddamned appealing to both competitors and the public, you’ll want to tune in for around 2 hours of the best damned sailing podcast around. To subscribe to the SA Podcast, head over to iTunes.  For downloads, embed codes and similar shit, go to our Libsyn host page.

You’ll find trackers and news and videos over at the event page linked above, but the discussion in the SA Forums is quite spirited and interesting.  Dig this race?  Head to the forums now.

You young punks can learn more about how crazy Alaska makes you (and the title of this piece) if you check out this site.


June 29th, 2016 by admin

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Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.50.01 AMScreen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.50.01 AMScreen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.50.01 AM

Having just started their second stage (Victoria to Ketchikan) in just their second year, the R2AK is already a huge success story and one of the world’s most oddball yet ultra-interesting races.  Be sure to check in tomorrow night for the next Sailing Anarchy Podcast with nearly two hours of chat and interviews with the race founder and two leading skippers (one of which has just dropped out), but in the meantime, here’s how to catch up:

Facebook is the event’s clearing house for updates and media content, but each day’s highlight reel – and these are funny, clever, and easily digestible – is over here. The event’s photo gallery is here.

Here’s 42 minutes of Randy’s Mad Dog team shooting ‘as live’ Facebook video from the Victoria start yesterday; currently they’re crushing the fleet in their M32 cat – see here on the tracker.

And if you don’t get the title reference, get out from under that rock!

Here’s an on-water report from SA’er ‘Christian Nally’:

What a thrill for us Gulf Islanders to watch R2AK come through our ‘hood.

We were on the BC Ferries trip back home to Galiano Island, leapfrogging with Bad Kitty (a local favorite, raced against them in Swiftsure) and a few others nearby. When we got home our little island location gave us a great view as they squeezed through Active Pass. It was cool to watch a gybing duel between BK and SFJK, 9 hours after their start.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 10.56.18 PMOne choice that boats had to make was whether to go out around Saturna or come up through the pass. Much depends on what the currents will be when you get there (in a way that’s amplified by our local geography in ways that few other races will ever experience!). Turns out based on our arm-chair analysis, it was 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other, as the split fleet appears to have interleaved back together after the split. (The attached tracker grab appears to show that, by my first order estimates.)

We’re also cheering for Dr. Janice Mason on one of the all female crews (Sistership) because she used to be from Galiano Island.

It’s so great that so far this year is light air compared to last year’s blow hard race. This really mixes it up with regard to which boats are optimized for and that’s a great boost to the future of this race. The variety of the boats is also a big thrill for us, as we get to armchair quarterback about this advantage or that disadvantage.

Of course no coverage would be complete without reference to the brass ones associated with trying this on a paddleboard.


June 27th, 2016 by admin

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With the day of the sail racing ‘music video’ style behind us, sailing’s cutting edge creatives have been learning to speak truth to sailing with new shots, creative editing, and real narrative.  And along with Petey Crawford and Sam Greenfield, no one is pushing harder than Waterlust’s Pat and Fiona, and this is their most masterful work yet in a short career full of gorgeous, creative sailing and maritime movies.

It’s the story of the ‘Angry Burds’ – Tripp and Trevor Burd and the hi-po 23-foot beach cat they took from Washington to Alaska in this summer’s epic new R2AK.  But it’s also the story of one of the baddest media vehicles we’ve ever seen, a gorgeous editor and her creatively explosive man, an epic road trip, and a pair of brothers bonded in the forge of the ocean.

The 30 minute piece is the kind of show that Warren Miller  or David Brown would be proud of; part ‘surf style’ and part adventure story.  Drone footage, time lapse roadwork, and the sheer beauty of the Inside Passage make it something you can share with your grandmother or granddaughter equally.  Sit back, grab an icy beverage and your favorite sailor, and enjoy.  And huge props to the folks at Sperry for making the film and the Burds’ program possible.


August 14th, 2015 by admin

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11325277_695396017272392_1718483185_nUPDATE: Our apologies for mistakenly calling the winner earlier this morning and for mistakenly calling her a Corsair when she is a Farrier.  Story updated, and photo of a Crowther 38 from Instagram, via the thread.

In a blistering display of seamanship and PNW racing, Al Hughes, Graeme Esarey, and Matt Steverson aboard the Farrier F25c Elsie Piddock are absolutely crushing the Race2Alaska, with a huge lead on the fleet as they move into water toward the Ketchikan finish and a cool $10k in prize money. We would tell you more if we could, but the fledgling R2AK organization is…let’s charitably say ‘a little behind’ on sharing the news about, well, everything, though their tracker seems to work just fine.

We’ll go easy on them though, because the R2AK organizers have created a very cool concept and they deserve kudos for what’s already a resounding success in its inaugural year, and we’re stoked to see a more polished version next time.  The fleet continues to race toward the finish as we speak; the best updates are probably over here in the thread.

There’s also a truly awesome postmortem report from the withdrawn Team Pure & Wild team right over here that’s worth your time.


June 10th, 2015 by admin


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