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Clean Report

For episode # 20, we caught up with three guys who represent some of the brave new thinking in the sport of sailing.  Longtime SA’er Chris Woolsey runs the reborn Miami Havana Race for a reborn SORC, and we get into the whys and hows of recreating this complicated international race to one of the world’s most unique race destinations.  After that, we catch up with Tim Fitzgerald, founder of Charleston’s Fort2Battery Race, to talk about his motivations for creating the successful harbor sprint.  We also get into Tim’s experience as one of the drivers behind Selden Masts growing dinghy business, discuss the first new hardware change in the 420 in years, and learn what Tim’s learned about getting millennials and Gen Z excited about sailing.  Finally, we turn to one of those Z’ers, young Peter Cronin of the Mudratz.  This clever kid discusses the team’s experience sailing amongst the big dogs in the Melges 24 and J/70 Class and the philosophy behind their growing Mudratz youth sailing movement in the Northeast.

Our next Sailing Anarchy Podcast will come to you from Havana Cuba, and you won’t want to miss that one!  Don’t forget to subscribe to the SA Podcast for instant notifications when each one drops.  (iTunes   Stitcher)


March 14th, 2017 by admin

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Fresh from a respectable Caribbean 600 aboard their Swan 46 Isbjorn (which you can join as paying crew here), On-The-Wind Podcast founder Andy Schell caught up with our own Senior Editor for a fun talk from a different angle.  We leave it to Andy to describe what happened below, and encourage you to sign up with the one of the very few sailing podcasts worth listening to (at Stitcher here, at iTunes here).

Alan Block, aka Mr. Clean, is one of the driving forces behind the hugely popular – and sometimes controversial – Sailing Anarchy website. He’s a staple on the racing scene, traveling far and wide to cover events from the Volvo to the Vendee and lots in between. Alan’s story is a fascinating and circuitous one, and during our 90-minute conversation, we covered the whole thing, from his early days as a lawyer, to his dreams to set off sailing, and ultimately to his serendipitous opportunity to work with Sailing Anarchy. Alan is also the founder and host of the Sailing Anarchy podcast.


March 13th, 2017 by admin

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Clean headed over to Westchester NY for a couple of hours of talk with Jonathan Blum, also known as “The Digital Skeptic.” Blum has led a fascinating life in and outside the media world, and he’s got a unique look at where sailing – and the marketing of sailing and the industry – is headed in a rapidly changing world.  One for the industry insiders and the youngsters looking for trends from someone who’s been there and done that with some of the biggest media companies there are.  Check out Sailing Anarchy # 17 above, on iTunes, and by the middle of this week (finally…sorry!) on Stitcher.


The kid’s got a new one up as well, and this is way more racy than ours.  Boats N’ Prose grabbed former world champ Taylor Canfield down in Florida to talk match racing, dismasting, and losing a million bucks.  A good listen from an up-and-comer in the media world and one of our favorite skippers.  Linky.


Andy Schell interviewed the dude and hottie from Youtube tropical cruiser sensation S/V Delos.  You know them for skimpy bikinis and lots of Go Pro footage of shit you wish you were doing…right now.  A good listen from On The Wind and keep an eye out for a special On The Wind coming over the next few weeks.  If you don’t like bikini girls, there’s always an hour with Nigel Calder…

January 23rd, 2017 by admin

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Another sailing podcast joins the fray, and this one is hosted by 20-something ex-college sailor Brooks Clark.  He grabbed another (relative) grommet – our longtime pal Tim Fitzgerald, creator of the biggest foiling event in North America – for this 40 minute chat about the Charleston Fort2Battery Race.  Dig it.

If you don’t get the title of the podcast, kill yourself.


December 18th, 2016 by admin

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Conrad Colman continues to prove that he is an ‘innovate or die’ kind of dude.  The first all-electric propulsion in the Vendee Globe.  The first drone shots from a solo racer in the Southern Ocean.  And now – the first podcast from an Open 60, via Soundcloud.  The tech to pull this off has been around for the better part of a decade, and it’s amazing no one has done it before now, but that’s why Colman is one of our favorites – because he is always in search of new ways to share the sport with the world.

This one is only 3 minute long, but we really do suggest you find a good set of headphones and turn them way up before you click ‘play’ if you want a taste of what a Southern Ocean cold front feels like.

Shout out to one of the best kids’ movies ever; a reminder that not all cartoons need to be corporatized drudge from Disney and friends.


December 8th, 2016 by admin

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The MUSTO + Torqeedo “Cleanin’ Up Europe” report continues with this hour-long jaunt in Western France.

Easily one of the most influential people in all of sailing over the past decade and a half, Mark Turner has done it all.  A naval officer turned Mini racer, Turner jumped into the management side of yacht racing with his wildly successful running of Ellen Macarthur’s campaigns – and he’s never looked back.  The creator of modern “Stadium Sailing” and innovator of sailing events in dozens of countries, Mark moves into the top spot in the world’s most widely followed ocean race against a fast-changing landscape in boat technology and event marketing, and he shared a full 1h40 with Mr. Clean at the Vendee Globe this past Friday to talk about it.

The boys got into some of the most important issues touching sailing, and Turner’s characteristic bluntness is refreshing as hell.  Wanna get into the groundbreaking new rules to integrate more women into the VOR?  we got that.  Or the deadline for the decision on the next Volvo Ocean Race boat and the possible boat choices? It’s in that chat.  Or maybe you’re looking for info on the $1M refit of the existing VO65s or the new AIS rules and incentives to pull a flier?  Click “PLAY”. Want to know exactly what’s wrong with ISAF and why Turner leaked an internal marketing document a few weeks back?  Listen.  What about emerging nations, the loss of Abu Dhabi as a sponsor, and how the recent Omani and Chinese offshore tragedies have effected those new sailing countries?  Give us an hour and forty.  And like all conversations with Mark, if you want to understand more about the commercial end of event and sponsor management, this guy knows it ALL.

Enjoy, and a big thanks to MUSTO and Torqeedo for presenting all of our Vendee, ISAF World Council, and METS coverage this month.  Also thanks to Bruce Schwab and Ocean Planet Energy for their support of our coverage.

November 5th, 2016 by admin

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As part of Sailing Anarchy’s most ambitious month of coverage in a long, long time, I’m traipsing around Europe until the end of November to sit down with some of the sport’s true leaders and get deep into the biggest issues in sailing.  A lot’s happened to me since the last time I set off with a microphone and a mission; the arrival of my now year-old daughter has made me mellower, less combative, and more introspective, and as most of you fathers know, it’s made leaving home a thousand times tougher.  So when the jet contrails on our final approach lined up in the shape of a perfect Anarchy “A”, I took it as a sign: the Gods approve my effort, and this stuff ain’t about me – it’s about where the sport is going, and what it will look like in a few years when my little Josephine takes the helm for the first time.

Our first of three (or four) big events is literally the biggest single event in the entire sport: the start of the Vendee Globe, and with over 2 million attendees and a truly circus-like atmosphere, there’s plenty to learn and plenty of people to chat with.  Last time around in 2012, we were quite literally the only reporters from our hemisphere, but four years of international PR and a partnership with Keith Mills’ OSM has definitely improved the situation – I actually drove down from Paris with New York Times sailing editor Chris Museler, and several other non-sailing publications (including the Boston Globe) are on the ground in Les Sables D’Olonne doing their thing for the hundreds of thousands of Americans we know are ripe to learn more about this incredible race and its stars: the skippers AND the boats.

While the non-Breton organizers of the Vendee Globe (the one event not owned by IMOCA) have always butted heads with the skippers and Class organization on many matters, they do some things extremely well, and the results of their excellent media relations and promo work are easy to see: With some 1100 individually accredited writers and photographers, the Vendee has the largest press corps in attendence of any sailboat race. And while by far the biggest group is French and the Vendee does its best work in French, the message continues to grow to non-French audiences.  So while last time, our mission was to provide full English interviews with every departing skipper prior to the start – something no one had ever done – that’s no longer necessary, as between the event, the team media, and independent reporters, all of our readers should easily find more information than they need on almost every aspect of the race.  If you want to relive the 2012/13 race, the best way to do so is by going through the Vendee thread from start to finish – it’ll take some time, but it’s a chronological and mostly complete look at every aspect of the race as crowd-sourced by you, the reader.  For a quick hit, you can check out the full replay of that excellent start over here.

The plethora of coverage for the 2016 race doesn’t mean we don’t want your help or suggestions on what we oughtta cover, and you can reach out directly to me if you have ideas or questions that you aren’t getting answers for – hit us up on Facebook, email me directly, or post in one of the threads I’ll be starting if you have questions for some of our Podcast and interview subjects.

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-11-57-06-amOn Your Mark, Get Set, GO!
Today’s interview with VOR CEO Mark Turner will drop tomorrow, but there’s only a few hours left before I talk to one of the most influential men in the sport. Turner started out as an offshore and Mini fan, and turned his relationship with young Ellen Marcarthur into one of the most successful solo campaigns in history.  Mark parlayed that success into the Extreme Sailing Series, risking his career on a crazy idea that stadium sailing was the way to solve the sport’s long-standing spectator problems.  We all know how that turned out, and Mark and the organizations and talent he’s created have spread throughout the sport and right to the top of the Volvo Ocean Race and numerous other disciplines.

He’s here to check out the modern face of the Vendee before he gets back to Volvo Ocean Race world, and we’ve got him for 90 minutes this afternoon.  What do you want to know from the mouth of one of the real leaders in sailing?  Post your questions NOW, and we’ll get them answered.  To watch our last video chat with Turner from Abu Dhabi a year or two ago, clicky.

November 3rd, 2016 by admin

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The world’s premier offshore race and the most spectated sailing event of all, The Volvo Ocean Race starts in a bit more than a year.  But already, the discussion is getting real about where the Volvo goes after the next edition – the second sailed on the Farr-designed Volvo One-Design 65.  We grabbed Mike Sanderson, winner of the 2005 VOR – the first edition with the then-terrifying VO70, and Nick Bice, the creator of the VOR Boatyard and current VOR boss of boats and maintenance and a bunch more, to get their opinion on the state of the race and the options for the future; is the multihulling of the Volvo inevitable, or is there another way?

And these characters don’t disappoint – as you’d expect from a couple of guys who’ve gone around the world, they’ve got strong opinions and clever thinking and both would love to see great success in future races.  We also catch up with Mike about his friendly takeover and new CEO position of Doyle New Zealand, hear about the record mini-maxi fleet in Sardinia, and hear Moose’s real opinion of North Sails.  Listen above, download here for later listening, or subscribe to the SA Podcast on iTunes.

September 16th, 2016 by admin

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We know you’ve all been waiting for the Sailing Anarchy take on Rio 2016 and the US Sailing Team, so strap on your listening helmets and get ready for Sailing Anarchy Podcast # 9.  We grabbed Nacra 17 helm Bora Gulari to find out how all his Olympic gear was stolen (in Detroit), how he got it back, and everything Olympic we could cram into 2 hours of slightly inebriated yapping.  Find out about his DNFs, medal race craziness, what it’s like to live amongst 10,000 other ultra-fit athletes, and why, at 40 years old, Bora’s finally found his place in the sport.  Detailed discussions about the overall performance of the US Team and where it’s headed; this one has it all.  Maybe our best podcast yet; listen above, download here for later listening, or subscribe on iTunes.

If you appreciate the fact that some random chick found all Bora’s stolen Olympic gear on the street, brought it inside, and called to return it, check out her GoFundMe page for some kind of operation she needs and reward her.



August 30th, 2016 by admin

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418753_157953491008723_1925993192_n 29 year-old Lucas Calabrese is perhaps the world’s best Optimist coach, but he’s also one of a handful of Argentinos to ever win an Olympic sailing medal.  He’s back at it in the 470 Class this August, and our old pal John Casey caught up with him in an entertaining chat about a whole pile of stuff; meeting the Argentine president and being a celebrity for 15 minutes, crime and disease and South American politics and the Olympics, and much, much more in the next episode of the JC Worldwide Podcast.  Catch up with all of JC’s work over here or subscribe on iTunes.


June 27th, 2016 by admin

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