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screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-8-52-12-amWith Rogue One death-starring its way to a billion dollars in revenue, sci-fi sailors around the world are wondering just why the Rebellion’s ship designers made the choices they did.  SA’er A3A asks your opinion:

It seems the rebel fleet is an unlikely match for the Imperial Fleet. The rebel ships all seem to be moderate to heavy displacement keelboats, At least some have bulb keels, but I didn’t see any canters. By virtue of the massive wealth of the emperor, the Imperial fleet seems to be large light displacement skiffs and lots of small foilers with variable wings. It’s plain to see whose going to win this race.
Seems vaguely familiar to me………

We’ve since learned that the Mon Calamari (yes, that’s really what Lucas called ’em) ships are actually weaponized buildings from their cities, but that doesn’t clear the rest of the ship choices…got more info, geeks?  Post it.

January 4th, 2017 by admin

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We got this note the other day about one of the all-time classic SA videos from one of the OG gangsta SA’ers, and it gives us an excuse to dredge it up from the past and give you yet another shot of joy.  Of course you can head over here to find out all about creator ‘keeldragger’ and the story of Fucking Teamwork, which started more than a decade ago!

From: Kerstin

Topic: Videos

Message Body: Aloha! I’ve been searching your archives for a hilarious video that was posted probably over 2 years ago… My crew & I still crack up talking about it. Hoping you can send me a link or repost it for all to enjoy again.  It went something like this: Small boat (30ish feet?) out racing with what looks to be like a family crewing.. I think they’re under spinnaker & they broach & it all goes to shit.. Girl at the helm is yelling “I’ve got nothing!!” over & over.. Dad(?) is pointing up at the mast yelling “I need…..? I need…?!?”  Then the best part- “Jill” goes overboard!!!  “We’ve lost Jill” ..”we’ll be right back”   The whole time Grandpa(?) is standing at the port quarter.. Committe boat brings Jill back & the crew still hasn’t gotten their shit together.
Such a gem!  Hope you still have it somewhere!!

Thanks either way for providing such great entertainment!

September 9th, 2016 by admin

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Question of the Day:

“I’m keeping this sufficiently vague to not name names or play “guess which fleet”,

We have a competitor in our local racing area for the last few years who is out of control.

These are 30-50 foot keelboats, often fairly casual racing. Our races are open to any competitor with a valid phrf cert, and we’d like to keep it that way if possible. We’re not trying to be exclusive.

We have a growing fleet, and want to be open and encourage more racers, but one individual has been involved in multiple collisions, and has near-misses almost every week. Even after being found at fault by a protest committee he refuses to accept any responsibility, or even recognize his lack of understanding of the racing rules, or basic sailing for that matter.  He has been responsible for 100% of our protests for the last few years, and has lost all of them.

He is always DFL, and burns through crew continuously.

There are a few owners of racer/cruisers who refuse to come out on the racecourse because of him, and those of us running our small club are worried it is only a matter of time until he injures someone.”

What would you all do?


December 17th, 2015 by admin

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The Hit and Run story generated plenty of responses, and amazingly (for this place), most of them weren’t far off.  But to our eye, longtime Anarchist Maggie40738 got it in one. Before the pitchforks get too deep, does anyone know what the skipper of the offending Beneteau actually did when they got to the dock?  If so, send us an anonymous note or, if you’ve got your big boy pants on, post it in the thread.

It’s hard to imagine that rule 15 applies here as I can’t imagine that the Cal had just established a right-of-way position. Unless the Cal has just broken the overlap from a weather position or has just completed a gybe the Cal has had the right-of-way for some time.

If the Cal has been clear ahead for some time, which is likely, the only restriction she has in maneuvering until an overlap is established are rules 14 and 16. Since it was a bow-stern collision I struggle to see how the Cal’s move was a violation of rule 14, but, as others have written, there is much we don’t know because we don’t have footage from earlier in the incident. A case might be made that the Cal violated rule 16 by making a sharp move to weather, from the footage I think the Bene could have avoided the Cal’s luff by luffing hard to weather, which she chose not to do. To avoid violating rule 16 the Cal needed to manuever in a manner that gave the Bene an out (which I think she did, the out being a luff to weather); the Cal does not need to maneuver in a manner to give the Bene her preferred out (a sudden duck). From the video it seems like the Bene made two wrong calls, (1) attempting to pass way to close to a boat clear ahead, which placed her in a vulnerable position and (2) attempting to duck when her only out was to luff hard to avoid the Cal. If you are an overtaking boat on the same tack you need to maintain sufficient distance (both fore-aft and port-stbd) to assure that you can safely respond to any and all maneuvers the boat ahead might make. The boat ahead is not required to restrict her maneuvers in anticipation of your overlap.

In a related rant, I take issue with the notion that “It’s a PHRF race, defending your air from a faster boat is a dick move”. Unless there’s a an active Cal40 One design fleet I’m unaware of, PHRF racing is the best racing the Cal owner can get; and getting rolled close aboard by a faster boat will assuredly cost the Cal owner time and diminish (albeit slightly) his chances of winning the race. The Cal owner has every right to defend his air from the Bene and doing so is decidedly NOT a dick move, it’s sailboat racing. If you’re in a faster boat and you don’t want the slower boat to luff you, then either duck them or pass them well to windward.


August 8th, 2014 by admin