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Ned Collier-Wakefield’s MOD-70 Concise finally took one away from the all-conquering Phaedo, beating the incredible Round The Island record the green boat set last year by just 1 minute over the 50 mile course (Phaedo is busy getting ready for the ORMA/MOD showdown in this month’s Transpac).  Concise’s time of 2:22 (with a top recorded speed of 44 knots!) nearly halves the leading monohull’s 4-plus hours in a near-perfect multihull breeze – a breeze that got even the slowest boat in the huge 1342-boat fleet moving well in England’s signature regatta.

This event is so big that it’s got a 69-page results book, and you can dig into the details here.  Photo from Mark Lloyd/Team Concise.  If you hated watching those overgrown beach cats in Bermuda and lament the loss of multihull racing from ‘the pinnacle’ of the sport, you’ll absolutely love this completely free, Matt Sheahan-commentated, nearly 5-hour long broadcast from the starting line of the RTI.

July 3rd, 2017 by admin

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The media is RIGGED!  Rigged to give you a great Sunday of watching sailing videos with your family.  Here’s our first video of the day:

The boys and girls of the Phaedo understandably focused on something other than the navigational error that lost them the Middle Sea Race and outright record last week, and it’s a great look at the life of a top-end sailing videographer with a team at this level.


October 30th, 2016 by admin

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Ryan and Reynaud were pretty proud of the cross-channel record they nabbed back in April at the beginning of the Lending Club 2 record-breaking run, but the omnipresent Lloyd Thornburg just smacked the shit out of the big trimaran’s Cowes-Dinard record with his little green 70 Phaedo 3.   It’s American vs. American for outright speed records in big trimarans…there’s a sentence we never thought we’d write!

Average speed for the run: 28.7 knots.  Top speed: 40.9 knots, and we’re left forlorn that the creators of the MOD70 class fucked the business end of it up so badly; the MOD might just be the best all-around ocean racer ever designed, and there should be dozens of these things racing all over the world.  Keep an eye on Phaedo’s Facebook page for interviews and bits of the ride.  Rachel Jesperson/Team Phaedo photo with some more gorgeous ones over here.

September 22nd, 2015 by admin

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There are spots in the Caribbean where you’ve got great racing at a relatively affordable price.  Than there’s St. Barths, where if you have to ask how much it is, you can’t afford it!

Day 1 at Les Voiles De St. Barth saw just how embarrassing a monster monohull can be; it cost Jim Clark around $30M (not including salaries!) to get horizon-jobbed by Phaedo, the trimaran Lloyd Thornburg picked up for less than a tenth of that.  In other Maxi action, the JuanK Rambler 88 finished the same course a long way behind Clark’s big VPLP/Verdier, proving her uselessness as a line honors winner in typical trade wind breezes.  The pretty Bella Mente zippered her mainsail on her way to a DNF.

While Phaedo was untouchable by monohulls or multihulls, the fresh-out-of-the-box G4 Timbalero impressed everyone, foiling and low-riding her way to finish around 10 minutes ahead of the well-sorted Gunboat 62 Elvis,  though apparently she lost by a long way on handicap (as if anyone sailing a foiler gives a crap about that). Erik Maris’ GC32 Zoulou didn’t finish either, sources in St. Bart’s say it’s (yet) another main foil issue with the high-flying racing cat.  G55 Toccata also DNF’d, though we’re not sure why – yet.  

Les Voiles may cost a fortune, but you wouldn’t know it by the third-world scoring system they use.  Squeak your way through Day 1’s scores here. There’s also an Event-produced day 1 highlight video here featuring Rambler, Comanche, and nothing else.

Chat about the Phaedo here, and the Rambler here.


April 15th, 2015 by admin

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The Michel Desjoyeaux-led MOD 70 crew of Lloyd Thornburg’s Phaedo^3 was loosely aware of the Farr 115 Sojana’s long-standing 4h37m43s ’round Antigua record when they went out for their first practice sail today; they put the pedal down on the trimaran and shattered it to pieces.  Unofficially, the new record is 2h44m15s, and the top speed the crew remembers seeing is somewhere around 35 knots…unofficially.

Big thanks to Team Phaedo/Ocean Images for the beautiful aerial shots; here’s another one of her coming right at ya!

February 21st, 2015 by admin

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Sydney Gavignet’s Oman Sail Musandem took line honors in the Round Britain and Ireland Race just past noon today, with a final time of 3 days, 3 hours, and 33 minutes (rounding up a touch).  This breaks the existing race record of the Volvo 70 Groupama by days, and beats the nearly twice-as-long Banque Populaire V’s absolute course record by around 16 minutes.  While technically it seems the RBI course may not comport with the WSSRC’s rules on a RBI record, we hope it stands; this is a giant-killing effort that saw a top speed of an incredible 43 knots…just fucking stellar!

One Design Spread

Meanwhile, the Volvo 65s are busting some big misconceptions; the first is that ‘One Design’ always means ‘close racing’; as you can see from the tracker, it doesn’t mean that at all – unless you are one of the three boats bringing up the rear.  Ian Walker is running away aboard Abu Dhabi with Iker and Mich Dej well behind, and the final trio in another time zone.  While generalizing from a single race is silly, it’s interesting to us that two boats at the opposite end of the preparation curve – Azzam with more than a year of prep time and Campos with around a month – are leading, while the boat with the most time on the water (SCA) is fighting for DFL with two other new entries.

The second misconception is about their speed, long thought to be significantly slower than a Volvo 70.  Sure, they’ve got perfect angle/gale force conditions unlikely to revisit this race for decades, but either Walker or Martinez is going to break Franck Cammas’ monohull record.  That ain’t slow.  Neither is the Volvo 70 Monster Project, nearly 100 miles behind the back marker VOD 65s, nor is Brian Thompson’s Open 60 Artemis, which is nearly 200 miles back.

Not Your Daddy’s Class 40

Remember when the Class 40 was designed to sail around the world as a cruiser or racer?  Tough as nails, cost-controlled, and bulletproof, right?  They’ve come a long way, baby – both in speed and in frailty.  Four of the five Class 40s are out, including the brand new Mach 2 Stella Nova and the slightly older but hells-quick Concise, which were both crushing the 50-footers until they bowed out with damage.  Get your shit together, Class 40 designers/builders!

Great shot from Mark Lloyd/www.lloydimages.com

August 14th, 2014 by admin