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FishingTrawler_300pxDid anyone misplace a blue mast about 170 km west of Darwin, Australia last year?  If so, call Bill Passey from Australia Bay Seafoods to pick it up.  Passey said one of his ground trawlers had a huge snag last week in 90 meters of Timor Sea while fishing for snapper, and after about six hours of tugging, ‘something finally gave way.”  The fisherman hauled up a mast and sails that have become quite the mystery over the past few days.  Northern Territories water police are taking this thing seriously; while they can’t find any unaccounted-for Australians in their database, the boat could be from anywhere.

Springing to mind immediately is the tragic loss of the classic gaffer Nina last year; the timing works out but the mast color and location don’t.  One Anarchist suggested the mast may have fallen off a Fremantle to Bali Race competitor last May; the timing and location both work for this one, we can’t find any that fit the mast profile.

A huge percentage of Australia’s racers read Sailing Anarchy, so spread the news around amongst your friends and let’s see if we can solve this mystery.  Brainstorm in the thread here, and thanks to Bill E Goat for the heads up.  Here are the full details reported so far:

-Mast color: Blue
-Timing: “8-10 months in the water”, according to a shellfish expert’s examination
-Location: 170 km West of Darwin
-Depth: 90 meters
-Sails: “Match a type made by a boutique sailmaker in Sydney”
-Hardware: “Stainless rings on mast (maybe spinnaker pole mounts?) made in Auckland”


April 2nd, 2014 by admin


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