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Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 1.39.33 PMISAF World Sailing has happily continued with their attempt at “Word Domination”, attacking the first two events on the International Federation of Kiteboarding Organization calendar as “Prohibited” for one reason only: The IFKO are choosing to use their own rules, not ISAF’s.  Under the RRS, World Sailing believes it has the right to completely ban any competitor at these IFKO events from ANY future racing on the water.  This ban would include all junior boarders at the now-‘prohibited’ Junior Freestyle World Cup.

That’s right, folks: World Sailing actually believes it has the right to ban a 12 year old kid from racing his Opti for years solely because the kid entered a freestyle kiteboarding competition.  Or they can ban you from racing the Sydney Hobart on a cruiser because you did backflips on your kiteboard at the kitesurf world series.  Seriously!

There’s plenty of background on this issue in the story we ran in February, but the long and the short of it is this: Under the laws of MANY countries in which it functions, legal experts agree that World Sailing is prohibited from disciplining sailors for competing in events that contravene the bizarre prohibition against non-RRS events using the word “World” in their titles.  The claimed reason?  “Eliminating confusion” amongst sailors and the public about what is a ‘World’ level event.  The real reason?  ISAF sells the use of the word for thousands and thousands of dollars.  The bigger reason?  ISAF absolutely MUST control the introduction of kiting to the Olympics or they lose millions.

Those same experts said that they can’t find any other sport that claims this type of control over a common word, in some cases because they were told by their lawyers long ago that it wouldn’t fly.  But because yacht races are largely run by Yacht Clubs rather than transparent, publicly accountable organizations, the status quo has endured.  Don’t rock the boat, old boy.

Read the World Sailing press release if you want to see just how out of hand ISAF has gotten.  They are actually threatening junior sailors with a ban on all racing activities solely because these kids want to go freeriding at a cool event.

As we’ve said before, we encourage IFKO competitors to stay strong and continue to buck the bullshit artists trying to extort and threaten them into submission.  And of course you need to send us any and all correspondence you receive from ISAF World Sailing or the IKA on this issue. Only sunlight can cure this infection.


March 30th, 2016 by admin

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Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 10.22.42 AMWe thank you for all of your e-mails and comments regarding the statement we’ve issued on the front page. In response to the deluge of requests and questions:

Yes, the lawsuit is finally over.
Yes, we’re still standing.
And no, we won’t be saying anything about it beyond what you just read above.

We’re grateful that we can finally get back to our core mission – to bring you the most interesting, exciting, and entertaining pieces from the sport we love.  And you know what? Thanks to all the Anarchists and all of our commercial sponsors and partners, 2015 will be the biggest and best year ever for the world’s #1 source for sailing entertainment.

We start with our most comprehensive coverage ever from the hemisphere’s biggest regatta and a long time Sailing Anarchy partner – Sperry Charleston Race Week.  We’re ready with a team of awesome media pros and live commentators and producers…are you?


April 15th, 2015 by admin

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Scot Tempesta, Editor & Publisher
Sailing Anarchy

Mr. Tempesta,

I am a cruising sailor who frequents the PNW. I had hoped to become a member of SA, even though I don’t quite swear as well or enjoy porn or dirty jokes. I enjoy taking my kids and grandkids sailing. I felt there was alot of good advice in SA, but I didn’t know about the haising [sic] needed to join.
I put up a thread, explained that I was new, and willing to learn. I was meet [sic] with a insistence to look at smut, false accusations about my person and boat, and just foul anger from the team. I tried fighting back but there is [sic] just too many. My friends who knew me from sailing were forced to be silent.

So I am thinking about doing the following:

I am going to tell your sponsors of my treatment, and how myself, and friends cannot be users of their products when they condone such behavior. I will encourage my friends to do the same and offer them help and good logical reasons why they should boycott sponsors of SA.

I will look into starting a campaign to boycott SA- look for it on facebook.  My thread has been copied and will be turned over to the appropriate government agency which handles cyber bulling [sic], if I can work my way through the new regulations.

Now I realize I am just a small sailor with a medium sized boat and and a small community of friends, but every good cause needs a start and I am willing to go the distance.

And all because when I opened a thread and asked to join the community- And they said “show us your tits” I said no. Sounds a lot like rape does it?

I will look forward to your response, and this letter, along with your responses, may be made public.

Mark Gillis

Public it is! We’d like you all to encourage Mr. Gillis to pursue his jihad against Sailing Anarchy by jumping in the thread here.  Because rape!


UPDATE: We received the following from Mr. Gillis after he sent us the above letter. We thanked him.

Mr. Tempesta,

As I was thinking how hurt I was at being rejected at SA, and how you just couldn’t let it go, It occurred to me that I was the one being prideful, and I was wasting everyone’s time.
You build SA the way you want it. Who am I to try and change it. I will not attack you or your company in any way. The world is too big for me to fight another sailor. May you have the best of success.

Mark Gillis


April 3rd, 2015 by admin