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We’ve been in awe of Francis Joyon for a long time, but even his incredible record-shattering solo circumnavigation aboard IDEC pales in comparison to his overall victory and course record yesterday in the Route Du Rhum. “But all the way round the world is so much tougher”, you might say – but you’d be wrong.  Because of its relatively short length, the Route Du Rhum is far more competitive than a record attempt, and it puts orders of magnitude more pressure on competitors.  Severely restricted communications with the outside world probably doesn’t bug Joyon much, but at 63 years old in the most physically demanding of any racing class, he just beat the top sailor of his generation and a kid half Joyon’s age – sailing a much quicker boat (and no, the fact that Macif limped home with just half the designed number of rudders and foils doesn’t reduce the impact of Joyon’s accomplishment at all…choosing the equipment is often as important as sailing fast).

We salute Joyon for yet another awesome run, and we’ll leave you with a congratulatory note for Francis from the guy whose Route Du Rhum course record he broke, the inimitable Loick Peyron, writing from his tiny yellow trimaran Happy (See Loick’s sketch of the boat above).

Another rum full of twists; the flying boats lose their wings and the one who does not fly wins for the third time. Bravo Francis! you confirm not only that old pots make good soup but that an “old” chef always has a surprise under his cap. You who sometimes gives the impression of not liking the competition, you would be the same to make your stars not to be under pressure and continue to concoct this discreet cuisine, without artifice but terribly effective. Obviously this kind of dish sometimes has a bitter taste for those who do not have your palate. Everyone knows that you do not need honors, and to avoid overdoing it, I am almost certain that you will soon find a way to escape the earthly obligations by claiming the urgency of bringing your ship back by the sea, and enjoying your kingdom again.


November 12th, 2018 by admin

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Clean Report

Shortly after rounding Cape Horn is his wrong-way circumnavigation attempt in the Nigel Irens-designed Ultim Actual (née Sodebo), Yves Le Blevec’s big trimaran found itself in 50-70 knots of Southern Ocean breeze and 5-7 metre waves, and something had to give.  It turns out that the big boat had the same weakness her sistership did; the beams couldn’t take the punishment, and when one of them broke, the trimaran capsized.

Fortunately the Chilean Navy and the cruise ship Stella Australis were around to help, and as you can see from the picture to the left, Le Blevec is safe and sound.  We’ll have more below, but this is a good time to point out just how cursed these Irens 100s seem to be.  Despite a narrow, conservative design specifically tailored for solo sailing, all three sisterships have now behaved very, very badly, with one death to count between them and a couple more that could easily have gone that way. Let’s look at each of them:

Gavignet’s Oman Air Majan was built off the molds for IDEC 2 and Sodebo to become the progenitor of the Arabian 100 one-design trimaran fleet.  After snapping a beam, Gavignet was plucked off the bent deck by a commercial ship and dropped off in Europe.

Francis Joyon’s RTW-record crushing Irens 100 IDEC 2 went on to Chinese ownership as China Qingdao under management of Volvo Ocean Race vet (Green Dragon) and record-breaking Chinese solo sailor Guo Chuan.  Chuan disappeared halfway into his Pacific solo record attempt last year, and the empty yacht was recovered a few months later.

Now Le Blevec is sitting in Punta Arenas while his shore team work on salvage.

Maybe it is better to just let these cursed boats die?

More info in the thread here, and official news from the Actual record attempt site.

The whole News team warmly thanks the CROSS Gris Nez, the MRCC of Chile and the crew of the Stella Australis, baffled to rescue Yves le Blevec, for their responsiveness and efficiency.

After the emotions of the first hours and the rescue of Yves, the time is of course also looking for explanations, because nothing was left to fear such events last night, when Yves doubled the hard way. He mastered the situation, sailing lightly (3 reefs, tormentin) in the weather conditions that had been estimated by his router, Christian Dumard, namely 30 knots of wind, gusts, and 5 to 6 meters of hollow.

Now that Yves is safe on the ground, the technical team is going to tackle the issue of trimaran salvage.

Given the incredibly bad luck that both of the big Irens trimarans have had

The reaction of Samuel TUAL, President of Groupe Actual  : “It is a great disappointment to the size of the challenge that we tried to achieve with Yves. I am sad for Yves and the employees of Groupe Actual who were all behind him. We knew it was going to be difficult, but I salute Yves’ audacity and courage for trying. This test does not detract from our determination to meet challenges. We continue to learn and grow, and we stay the course. “

December 14th, 2017 by admin

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Francis Joyon and the crew of IDEC Sport are doing incredible things out there as they blaze their way to a likely smashing of the outright round-the-world record.  After watching the video above, we are, quite simply, in awe, and praying for no record-ending problems.  There’s up-to-the-minute info in the thread, and a nice graphical interface for the trip here.  Below is a translation from SA’er ‘Laurent’ of the latest info regarding light air and repairs:

“We are in some kind of ridge that is regenerating itself as we progress. Eventually, two wind systems from the general direction of South East will merge and become the true SE Trades wind. We should be able to use it up to the Equator. We should escape from the current light variable winds sometime in the middle of the night.
“We had some computer problems. We fixed the bow and then the mainsail traveler. We had to dismantle it and put it back together. The gennaker furler drum freed itself and dinged the hull in a dozen places. I fixed the small holes to make sure that the honeycomb will not get torn off by waves. We took advantage of the light winds to fix everything. One hour wasted now does not delay our crossing at the Equator. Whether we go fast or not right now does not really matter.
“We go fast because the guys cannot help themselves… As soon as there is a puff, they trim in the sails, and then we fall in the next wind hole… It is in their nature, you cannot stop them. It is just as well like this.

Also, Marcel van Triest explains that between a close-to-Argentina route, with a lot of close hauled sailing and a looong curved route towards the East, they decided to take a median route. It is a little bit “chaotic” (fast, stop, fast, stop) but they are satisfied with it.


January 17th, 2017 by admin

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Clean Report

When Francis Joyon took nearly two weeks off the solo RTW record in 2008, we figured it would be a long, long time before anyone became king of that particularly mountain.  Today, a new king will be crowned in what should go down as the most impressive feat of the year. Thomas Coville is set to take more than a week off of Joyon’s still incredible mark when he arrives in Brest in a couple of hours, achieving a time that would beat even the crewed records until just a few years ago.  It’s interesting to note that fewer people have sailed around the world alone, nonstop in a trimaran than have walked on the moon – just Ellen Macarthur, Francis Joyon, and Coville, and each of them now have owned that all-important trophy.

Coville, along with his sponsor – convenience-store-sandwich-maker Sodebo – deserve massive accolades, and not just for the second-most important ocean sailing record in the world: Their perseverence and tenacity has been nothing short of incredible!  This is Thomas’ 6th attempt at the same record, and to come back and do it again after just the sheer heartbreak of missing it by just hours in 2014 – that’s the stuff of legends.

If you’re in the area to welcome in this soldier of the sea, be sure to check out the #ABrestPourThomas hashtag for the latest info for spectators. If you want to understand what it means to the French to have such ownership of the most important records in the sport, watch this video of a French naval pilot talking to Thomas a couple of hours ago.

Discussion here.  Image via Fralo. 

December 25th, 2016 by admin

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Former VOR Dongfeng media crew Yann Riou picks up where he left off as one of sailing’s visual poets, this time aboard the maxi Trimaran Spindrift 2 as she continues her assault on the Jules Verne Trophy.  It’s a beautiful, English-subbed look at the kind of work these bad boys do when things calm down, complete with aerials from the on-board drone.  And don’t forget – Francis Joyon and crew are going for the same outright round-the-world record as Bertarelli/Guichard on S2, and the two boats are almost within spitting distance of eachother!

Don’t bother with the official trackers – SA’er “Volodiaja” has built his own “Universal Tracker” complete with all sorts of tricky functions; follow the two fastest ocean-racing sailboats on the planet right here. Talk about it in Ocean Racing Anarchy.

November 30th, 2015 by admin

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Bjoern Kils from NY Media Boat took advantage of NY’s recent spate of sailing activity, getting both video and photos of the Atlantic Cup on Wednesday and shooting the awesome 97-foot IDEC playing around in light air yesterday.

We dug this pic the most, juxtaposing the sailor who embodies “freedom” with the tower named for it.

More on Joyon and IDEC here, and don’t even think about using this photo…© NYmediaboat.com

May 17th, 2013 by admin