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The JC Worldwide podcast continues with this week’s guest, US Sailing Team physical therapist, acupuncturist, and chiropractor Dr. Julio Pardave.  Learn about new and old sports therapy for sailors and whether acupuncture and chiro are not [always] horseshit!  Some great tips too on injury prevention and healing for racers, how Dr. P has x-ray vision, and how JC can turn acupuncture needles to lightning bolts!  Road warriors can look up JC’s Podcast on iTunes and subscribe today, just in time for a crazy chat with crazy Olympic 49er sailor Brad Funk!


January 18th, 2016 by admin

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Former US Sailing Team member John Casey launched the sport’s first real podcast last week, and he’s not screwing around; JC’s most recently-dropped show features former US Marine and now US Sailing Team Sperry racer Danny Evans getting deep into – well, everything.  You’ll get two hours of a very interesting guest chat, including the gory details of Evans’ horrendous injury (fast forward if you’re squeamish), the real reasons the Paralympics dropped sailing from the 2020 Olympics, how amputees can best sail fast beach cats and foilers, how much quicker John Casey’s Nacra 20FCS is than Ben Ainslie’s, and how much JC wishes he had Danny’s upper body.   A great two hours of sailing chitchat, and we listened to every second.  You should too.

Hook up with Evans’ Facebook Page over here, and bookmark JC’s podcast page over here.


December 29th, 2015 by admin

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Despite the astonishing worldwide explosion in podcasting, sailboat racing remains one of a tiny few pursuits that lacks even a rudimentary presence in this awesome marketplace of ideas.  We’ve been working to right that ship, but with the highly anticipated Sailing Anarchy Podcast still a little way off, we’re extremely stoked to see our old friend and multiple US Multihull Champ John Casey getting the ball rolling for the sport this week with his own JC Worldwide podcast.  JC still doesn’t have his iTunes set up yet, but you can keep an eye on the release schedule and download the first two episodes over here.

Click on episode 2 above for a great conversation between John and the guy who helped usher in the modern era of sailboat racing video, “The Rev” Petey Crawford.  Petey and JC get into some hilarious behind-the-scene stories from regattas all over the world, discuss the crazy development of drone racing, talk about media boat crashes, insider politics, Gary Jobson, and all the lips and assholes that go into making sailing media sausage.


December 22nd, 2015 by admin

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Florida 300 Day 1John Casey checks back in from the first real foil-off between the FLying Phantom and his Nacra 20 FCS. His photo, and of course our title reference to one of the funniest shows of the 2000s.

If you’re having a light conversation with someone and they say, “Hey, you should come down to the Keys for a sail,” you meant yesterday.  The sun was peering down on us, the wind was around 12 knots with low puffy clouds drifting over the shore and the water was about the same balmy temperature as the wind. It was absolutely pleasurable.

The real story of our day came courtesy of large clumps of sargasso lining up on their march to shore, just hanging out waiting for us. Yes, they play havoc with our daggerboard boats, but a unique and surprising thing happens when the FCS foils through the weeds; they slice right though them. What we thought was going to be the biggest hindrance on this flat water leg from Islamorada to Key Biscayne was actually helpful to us, as the slower boats had to clear their boards far more often.  We called our day ‘mowing the lawn’.

The Nacra performed brilliantly as we foiled the entire upwind/close reach day except for a couple lulls and when we had to pinch up high to get over the sandbar protruding from Elliot Key. We finished in exactly four hours. The powerful sail plan definitely helped in the lighter conditions, as the curved board Nacra 20 Carbon arrived to the beach in second place 20 something minutes after us. It’s really all about sawing that mainsheet as well. My crew, Colin Page, played it like a tug-of-war anchorman all day. Sail trim is so important for the balance you need to stay smooth on the foils.

The tried-and-rock solid Nacra 20 crew of Steve Lohmeyer and Jay Sonnenklar are leading the biggest fleet of Nacra 20s.

For more action, check out the Florida 300 site, and stay tuned for my final report over the weekend.


May 15th, 2015 by admin