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14212615_10154341241945540_4823284498242066801_nOur resident revolving storm expert called it last week, and sure enough Hurricane Hermine made landfall early this morning on the west coast of Florida.  Hermine brought flooding and winds to 80 knots, but all things considered it was a mild hit – unless you were offshore, where 25-foot sig. waves at an incredibly short 8-second period were the norm.  Here’s to hoping none of us ever have to see that firsthand…

As Hermine makes her way through Georgia and SC and then offshore, she’ll parallel the East Coast for a while.  Check in on the storm thread to see whether she’s coming for you and your boats.


September 2nd, 2016 by admin

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It’s been a relatively quiet summer for storms, but with the meat of the hurricane season upon us, things are starting to boil in the tropical Atlantic.  Tropical Storm “Gaston” is a long way off (and hopefully he won’t be as nasty as his namesake in the early days of the SA Forums), but TD 99L is already on the doorstep to the Caribbean, and poised to be named Hurricane Hermine soon.  From our own longtime severe Wx prognosticator Mark Michaelson:

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 2.49.13 PMSystem 99L isn’t well organized and it isn’t in a dynamic environment for rapid intensification…YET***. The dry air surrounding 99L will give way to a less stable and more dynamic environment on final approach to the Florida Peninsula. If the ridge builds back in this could look very much like a Hurricane Andrew or Hurricane Katrina event. Neither of those ended very well for the participants…If however the topography of Hispaniola keepS the lid on things and the ridge doesn’t build back in then it is likely to just be a small, nasty little storm with modest damage. Regardless, people living in the central and western Caribbean, Florida and all of the Gulf Coast should start to watch how this system is progressing over the next four days.  More later (HERE) as things get potentially more interesting.

August 24th, 2016 by admin

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Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 10.04.07 AMWith gamey reindeer meat, hard-to-catch codfish, angry polar bears, and rising sea levels, it ain’t as if Greenlanders don’t have enough problems.  And now they’ve got an incredibly rare January hurricane to deal with!

That’s right, folks – The first January hurricane since before WW2 was born yesterday, and Hurricane Alex is packing 80-knot winds on his Northward ride.  Trivia: While January hurricanes are exceedingly rare, Greenland taking one on the chin isn’t.

Learn more and decide whether this storm should be called a Blizzicane or a Snowicane in the thread.

And as for you right-wing retarded climate change deniers…oh fuck it. If you don’t have this figured out by now, we can’t help you.


January 15th, 2016 by admin

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Despite evidence to the contrary every decade or two, locals in Banderas Bay, Mexico have long held an irrational belief that the high mountains around Puerto Vallarta make the place ‘hurricane proof.’  That may be the only way they can keep the huge development pipeline going in a place with constant growth and development.

The strongest storm in the history of recorded storms is going to test the Vallartans’ theory, and you can watch it all unfold, live, above. Best of wishes and hopes to all the Anarchists from Sayulita to Yelapa to Zijuatanejo.  Thread here.


October 23rd, 2015 by admin

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It’s been a brutal few weeks for seamen, and we take a few moments to list and remember them.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 12.29.07 PMMohammed Al Alawi was one of the earliest success stories of the widely lauded Oman Sail program.  We met him years ago and his passion and eye for detail stood out long before he’d become a multihull ocean racer.  Mohammed was one of a tiny handful of Arabian sailors with the skill and confidence to handle a MOD-70, and we’re extremely sad to have followed the saga of his disappearance from the deck of the Musandam as she was sailing off Croatia on her way to the Barcolana and the international search just called off this morning.  Fair winds, Mohammed, and may you sail on forever with 72 sailor chicks of the week.  There’s a thread here.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 12.48.25 PMBritons Robin Wyatt (shown right) and Brian Turner, Canadian Harry Taylor, American Alan Lundy, and Filipino Rudolph Bollozos have still not been found after their yacht disappeared on a run from Hong Kong to Subic Bay.  Apparently trying to run from a very well-forecast typhoon Mujigae (and ending up smack in the middle of the killer storm) when their EPIRB went off on October 3rd, no search was initiated by local authorities for two more days; the EPIRB transmitted for another day and a half before dying.  Reports that a lifejacket and body were found were dismissed as being too far from the EPIRB location, but other than that?  Crickets.  For a great analysis on the storm track and the yacht (which rumors peg as a brand new Beneteau 60 Oceanis) from SA’er Galactair, click here.  Our condolences to the sailors families, and continued hopes for their recovery, however unlikely.  For the full, quite spirited discussion on this ongoing mystery, clicky.

News of the disappearance of the Faro, a casualty of the nasty Hurricane Joaquin, spread far and wide after the US flagged cargo ship disappeared in 140-knot winds near the Bahamas.  The ship’s owner said Capt. Michael Davidson had “a sound plan” to avoid the storm, a plan which apparently unraveled when the ship lost her main engine.  In other words, not a very sound plan.  Past crew say the ship has serious structural problems, and the family of one of the 33 seamen lost have already sued for $100M, with the other suits to follow quickly.  For the full crew roster of the lost ship, click here.

Not all hurricane stories are bad ones; the US Coasties rescued 12 from the cargo ship Minouche off the coast of Haiti as she sank, another casualty of Joaquin.  Rescue video here.


October 16th, 2015 by admin

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12036673_873278652767872_5329785065186097861_nDespite the fun of pop-culture references to Hurricane Joaquin, the third big storm of the Atlantic season ain’t fucking around, and Joaquin will hit parts of the Bahamas today and tonight as a Cat 3 or 4 monster.  The storm may not stop her destruction there, either; some of the latest tracks still have it teeing off on a possibly wide swath of Mid or Northeast coast with winds well over 100 knots.  So get your dinghies stowed, triple all your lines, and make sure your premiums are paid up – and post video to SA Facebook if you’re brave and/or dumb enough to get some.

Good luck, especially to all the boys and girls setting up the US Sailboat Show in Naptown, and monitor the thread for the latest, including forecasts from SA’er DryArmour.


October 1st, 2015 by admin

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Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 9.44.21 AMA pair of big storms is set to drench the US, but without a major hit in some time, you can smell most of America (aside from the Weather Channel and Home Depot) getting complacent.  Are we so programmed to quickly forget the current tragedy that we’re doomed to repeat it?  A look at New Orleans’ rebuilt levee system says ‘probably.’

Meanwhile, Florida Governor (and Midnight Oil frontman impersonator) Rick Scott declared an emergency today for the already homicidal Tropical Storm Erika, though she’s likely to do little more than make a muddy state muddier.  Erika updates from the Anarchists are in the forums here.

And on the Left Coast, Hurricane Ignacio is teeing up on the Hawaiian Islands, where ancient crumbling stormwater systems, infected sewage discharges, and widespread beach closures threaten to turn American indignation at the Brazilian Olympic venue pollution into a discussion of first-world hypocrisy.  Monitor Ignacio over here.


August 28th, 2015 by admin

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Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 1.45.06 PM

Does anyone else find it amazing that only 24 people died during one of the nastiest cyclone landfalls ever on one of the world’s poorest islands?  We’re all damned lucky to live in a time when most natural disasters are well known ahead of time, and everyone on the planet owes a debt to the multitudes of engineers and scientists who’ve made modern forecasting and observation possible. Check out this view of Pam as she hit Vanuatu, and head here for a high res gallery of the aftermath.

March 20th, 2015 by admin

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Homicidal monster supercyclone Pam is tearing through Vanuatu today with gusts to a stupefying 175 knots (while an amazing 3 more cyclones are sweeping the Southern hemisphere) and she’s now headed towards Aotearoa.  It confuses the hell out of us – we thought killer storms were consigned to Australia, just like venomous jellyfish/toads/reptiles, giant man-eating crocodiles, surfer-loving Great Whites, and debtor’s prison exiles. It turns out that New Zealand tropical cyclones are now (or since 2011, anyway), a thing.

After consulting with team skippers and Boatyard leadership, Volvo Ocean Race Control has delayed the start of the Auckland to Brazil leg until at least Tuesday.  This throws a logistical wrench into the works for both Auckland and Brazil, but in the meantime, we get spectacular conditions for today’s Auckland In-Port Race.  Above you’ll find a short promo, and check back here in about 5 hours for the live link to some great racing.  Join a few hundred of your closest friends to discuss it here. 

If you really need your sailing fix, here’s some day 3 Extreme Sailing Series analysis and a preview to tomorrow’s finale for their Oman stop.



March 13th, 2015 by admin

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Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 12.20.49 PM

We’re not sure how long the webcam will hold up, but for the moment we have the rare luxury of watching a hurricane as it rolls into Bermuda.  Our thoughts are with all the Anarchists on island – stay safe.  Click the pic to see the live camera, and now for the PSA from SA Weather Bureau Chief (and tech shirt guru) Mark Michaelson.

Now would be the time to move you and your family to a three story or elevated steel reinforced concrete structure. This one is for real.

My hunch is that the island could be without power for up to a month so make sure you have plenty of cash on hand. Let me know if you have any questions.Winds will be Tropical Storm force this morning becoming Storm and then quickly becoming hurricane force this afternoon. Seas will rapidly build to 35-40 feet. Heavy surge will accompany high tide around 5PM. Structurally this is on the large side for a Category 3 storm. It is moving NNE @15 so there is not a lot of time left to get to a safe shelter before movement will not be possible without risk of severe injury or death from flying debris. I expect the next advisory will maintain the intensity (Roughly) but change the trajectory to more NE. Bermuda lies in the NE quadrant of the storm which is the worst place to be. Good luck to all on the island. You are always welcomed to call or text me to get eyes on the storm from the outside for as long as you have the ability to communicate.


October 17th, 2014 by admin


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