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Big Pimpin’

Oceanvolt Systems are now being offered on new Elan E3, E4 & E5 models!

“The motor is just amazing, the maneuvering in the harbor, torque, the silence. Better than we ever expected!” – owners of the first electric Elan E4, bunaluna.ch

Oceanvolt electric motor systems are standard on more than 90 boat models, both monohull & multihull, represented by 45 different boat manufOV2acturers worldwide. In addition to Elan this list includes brands like McConaghy Boats, J/Boats, Dufour Yachts & Alerion Yachts to mention a few. The systems are highly reliable, silent, maintenance free & create energy while sailing. The batteries of the propulsion system can be charged using the hydro generation feature on the motors, solar power, shore power or a small DC generator. Because the systems are 48V they can be installed by anyone without any special electrical certification.

Contact Springline Yacht Sales ([email protected]) in the US to get more information about the different electric motor packages on the Elan models.

May 14th, 2016 by admin

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This fun video comes from Impression Sailing Week, Elan’s answer to the J/Fests or Beneteau Rendezvous of the world, where some 60 yachts from a half-dozen countries race in beautiful Croatia for bragging rights in their cruisey/racey Elans.  There’s a bit of actual explanation on the Youtube page, but we preferred this ‘LifeBuoy 15’-written narrative from an entertaining SA thread filled with the usual combination of brilliance, utter stupidity, and humor (and yes, this is parody/hyperbole/fiction for all you litigious assholes, and ‘shitbox’ is a term of endearment…)

The Starboard tacker being an Élan 350 shitbox was factoring his shitbox’s massive leeway and pinching like shit to compensate, (because he bought an Élan, we can assume he is clueless. Nothing in the video would suggest otherwise.) The Port tacker also was factoring in the Élan 350 shitbox’s massive leeway and had determined that he would cross ahead. However he had forgotten that his Élan 410 was an even bigger shitbox with even greater leeway. (Again due to his choice of boat we can assume he was equally as clueless as the 350 owner but slightly wealthier.) He then hit him amidships. The Serbian owner of the 410 then recognised the Croatian owner of the 350 and tries to repeatedly drive the bowsprit through his head, and then the Croatian owner of the 350 ran below to get his gun.

The protest was held in the streets outside of the yacht club but was broken up with tear gas and water cannons.


November 14th, 2013 by admin